app you should try

12 Android Apps You Should Try This Week

Super Tank Blitz

Super Tank Blitz is a new free mobile game. This is an online PvP game and the gameplay factor is one-on-one with other players.

You can unlock and build tanks and then battle those tanks with other players. There is a two-mode versus two games as well.

The games only last up to two minutes and have many characters with many different abilities. The game has some initial connectivity issues, but playing the game is solid and people seem to like this one. This is the Android app you should try this week.


WinWing is an aerial and top-down shooter. You fly around and shoot at the bad guys while they shoot tons of bullets at you. The special thing in this game is the beautiful graphics, the game speed is good, there are tons of upgrades and weekly unlock tool.

This free version is really interesting, you have to try it once! 

Translate Voice Pro

Other interesting Android Apps I would like to recommend. This is an app to help you be effective in your work and study. The highlight of this application is its ability to translate by extremely smart voice. 

app you should try

This translation application is very accurate, surely this is an application that you cannot lack in your phone. This is the Android app you should try.


app you should try

MudRunner is an open world off-road simulation. Players drive on open-world maps and enjoy themselves. There are many means to unlock.

Also, the game boasts realistic physics, tons of terrain, and lots of roads to drive through. This is a direct port from the Steam version of the game. 

Save Girl

95% of gamers cannot solve these conundrums to save the lady from danger. The rules are very simple, you just need to choose the correct answer to win.

Help the lady escape a dangerous situation to return to her loving home. Come to the adventures waiting for you when you join the game Rescue Lady – Puzzle Game Hack Brain. This is the Android app you should try this week.

app you should try


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