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15 best cheap external hard drive

When you mention storage, it’s never enough with a hard drive. Especially because many games occupy a good space. Instead of uninstalling and reinstalling games when you want to play them, it is more logical to get an external hard drive.

Here is a list of the best cheap external hard drives available today that I would like to recommend. 

The main content of this article is to introduce to you the hard drive extremely quality but extremely loving price that I have summarized the details. You can even carry storage on the go because many hard drives are small enough to fit in a pocket or backpack.

Maxon 500GB Ultra-Thin

Maxon Ultra Slim offers users a lot of beautiful colors with a high aesthetic. Moreover, with Maxine Ultra Slim you also support great capacity. You should start choosing with 500GB and choose up to 2TB in Charcoal Gray, Yellow, or Rose Pink.

best cheap hard

It is formatted as exFAT, which means you won’t need to reformat it for newer PlayStation, Xbox, or laptops. The Maxon Ultra Slim is also smaller than five inches so you can easily slip it into your pocket. This is the best cheap external hard drives available.

WD My Passport 5TB

WD My Passport blows the capacity of Ultra Slim at 5TB without sacrificing much mobile size. WD Backup software also works seamlessly to protect and store your data. WD My Passport has been activated by USB 2.0 manufacturer. It is available in red, blue and black. 

best cheap hard

Silicon Armor A60 2TB

Silicon Power Armor A60 is suitable for Easystore’s capacity, but it provides better durability with an IPx4 rating. It is designed in FAT32 format and is extremely convenient for both Windows and Mac.

You won’t have to worry about falling or scratching with a rugged rubber cover and protecting the internal suspension. 

best cheap hard

WD 2TB Factor

At the moment, you realize that Western Digital is the first name in hard drives and the Elements model is no exception. These are USB 2.0 and 3.0, they are capable and have storage capacity up to 5TB before increasing the physical size.

Although the Element hard drive does not offer strong encryption like My Passport, this is a solid storage solution and is extremely affordable. 

best cheap hard

WD Black P10 5TB

WD has designed the Black P10 with gamers in mind, resulting in the design and a huge 5TB of storage. It provides enough space to store up to 125 games, helping you keep playing for a while.

If you want to play games on the go, the WD Black P10 is only 4.65 inches tall and fits in any pocket and importantly its area fits in your bag. This is the best cheap external hard.

best cheap hard

8TB Port

The Seagate external hard drive is a bit bigger than the few models I introduced earlier. But it also provides more space than any of them.

best cheap hard

8TB must be big enough to hold more than 1,500 5GB iTunes movies at 1080p. Seagate offers a maximum reading speed of 160Mbps, which is slower than some other hard drive models. But it’s hard to overcome the 8TB storage challenge.

SanDisk Extreme 1TB

SanDisk Extreme is living up to its name with an IP55 rating. It offers pocket-sized, shock-proof storage, and 1TB of storage is more than enough to store all your adventure photos. You can also read and write up to 550Mbps with USB 3.1 technology.

If you want to own the smallest line of hard drives in the list I have just introduced, then you will hardly be able to overcome Samsung T5. 

It not only provides a full terabyte of storage but also no larger than three inches on one side. Even with its small body, the T5 offers read speeds up to 540Mbps and write speeds up to 520Mbps. You can also combine your T5 with other gadgets in a variety of different colors.

If you’re still wondering about which hard drive to choose and use, you may want to consider Easystore. At 10TB, it’s even bigger than Seagate, though it will take up a bit more space on your desk.

Maybe what you need is over 10TB of space – thousands of full-length movies or nearly 250 games. Easystore 10TB even supports data transfer up to 5Gbps. This is the best cheap external hard drives available.

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