5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly

Welcome to this week’s rated must-see apps. We have picked out the top apps on our list. Please download these applications immediately. Android Apps Weekly

  1. Bubble Level


You always wanted to rearrange your house, but there were so many things in line. With the naked eye, you cannot see how they are arranged. If you have the correct measurements, let us help you. The Digital Precise Level app is the flagship app on this list, offering you the convenience of both life and work. The application uses the sensor right in smartphones. Android Apps Weekly

Bubble Level – Angle Meter for Android is perfect for both home and professional use. It helps to align or balance when you try to hang something vertically, horizontally or whatever angle you want. Precise Level 2020 is a tool that tests every surface and measures different angles: vertical angles and horizontal angles.

2. Extra Volume Up


Boost Volume Up can max volume booster – it’s not only a measure controller & music player but also it’s a free booster app that supports audio booster and allows you to experience as much loudness as possible. Extreme Volume Up Amplifier can increase volume speaker to 200%.

Now you are not limited by the minimal sound of your phone. A loud volume appraises the volume to a higher level than the default system. When you listen to music, play games, watch movies, or watch videos online in your browser, a super volume booster can interact with the program and emit the sound of the speaker. Increase volume on phone to loud volume ringtone, alarm, and multimedia sound!

3. QR Code Scanner & QR Code Generator

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QR reader online) Scan QR code android indispensable for your phone! Download now!️QR code generator -QR scanner app will turn your phone into a QR code scanner.QR reader for android is a smart QR reader that protects you from rogue QR codes containing dangerous links. Besides, you can also create your own code and share it with friends, relatives, with app barcode scanner.

QR scanner online will work on mobile devices. Scan QR code quickly.

Generate QR Code with any format. Create a QR code and surprise your friends.

Autofocus when barcode scanner online.

QR code generator free with this app. All QR code will be saved in the history.

QR code maker app lets you scan all types of QR codes.

4. Funny Voice Changer – Smart Changing Voice 2020

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Funny Voice Changer 2020 is 100% free, the interface is amazing and fashionable. The program is user-friendly and can produce great sound effects and fun. Recording your voice in high – quality sound, applying effects and sharing them with friends.

Fool your friends by changing your voice during a real phone call. Change your voice during a phone call from high and funny to deep and scary voices. Play with an interesting voice and surprise your friends.

Master Changing Voice supports many varying effects, and custom parameters can be customized to give you the best sound effect. Latest Cool Sound Effect with effects will change your voice to many funny effects or improve your singing voice overall quality.

5.Language Translator: Voice Translator, Interpreter

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Translate from English into all languages and from all languages into English: English has been the international language and the language of science and technology. Everyone irrespective of the region or geographical difference wants to learn and communicate in the English language. From all these languages and various other languages in the world, you can get your translation in the English language. Using the All Language Translator – Voice Translator app, you can translate English to Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian,…

Interpreter Translator – Voice To Text is indeed a useful application for today’s life when the demand for international exchanges is increasing. You can easily chat with people from other countries even though you do not know the language of that country. Free Translation App – Voice To Text will help you break all language barriers.


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