The 2018 Vietnam joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Life (AI4Life-2018) is an international forum for practitioners and researchers among Acedemia, Industry, and Government to present novel research results in Artificial Intelligence, to communicate and exchange innovative ideas, as well as to discuss potential applications. The conference aims to raise the public awareness on the recent advances and emergence of Artificial Intelligence in every aspect of our life.

(09–11 May 2018: VNU University of Engineering and Technology – 144 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi, Vietnam)


Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing and Beyond – Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Le Minh (Japan Advanced Institute for Science and Technology, Japan)

AI and data in cancer research – Dr. Pham Viet Thang (VU University Medical Center, Netherland)

Pattern recognition: feature engineering and (deep) feature learning – Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Duc Dung (Institute of Information Technology)

From ML Algorithms to ML Systems – Kenneth Tran (Microsoft Research, USA)


Fostering the communities of robotics and AI in Vietnam and in International – Dr. Vu Duy Thuc (Ohmilabs, USA)

AI2’s startup incubator: progress and directions – Dr. Ha Vu (Allen Institute for AI, USA)

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Applications and Issues in a Smart City context – Assoc. Prof. Perry Stuart (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

Implementation of AI Platforms to create competitive advantages for enterprises – Dr. Le Hong Viet (FPT Corporation, Vietnam)

An application of Deep learning in smart city traffic management – Assoc. Prof. Pham Hong Quang (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, Vietnam)

AI in smart city infrastructure management – Prof. Nguyen Kim Khoa (University of Québec, Canada)

AI in Healthcare – Opportunities for Vietnam – Dr. Tran Dang Minh Tri (Harrison-AI, Australia)

Applied AI for predicting the quality of irrigation services in the Red river delta – Dr. Nguyen Thanh Tung (ThuyLoi University, Vietnam)


Data science: A key in the digital transformation time – Prof. Ho Tu Bao (Japan Advanced Institute for Science and Technology, Japan)

AI Strategy and Implementation on Got It’s Knowledge as a Service Platform – Dr. Hung Tran (Got it, USA)

Applied machine learning for decision making in real-life problems – Dr. Le Sy Quang (Google, UK)

ML&AI Approach to User Understanding Ecosystem at VCCorp: Applications to News, Ads, and E-commerce – Dr. Hoang Anh Tuan (VCCORP, Vietnam)

Application of artificial intelligence techniques in building economic-financial forecast models on high dimensional data sets – Assoc. Prof. Do Van Thanh (Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Vietnam)

Operations research: from theory to applications in Vietnam – Dr. Ha Minh Hoang (Vietnam National University, Vietnam)

Developing Intelligent Systems based on Internet of Things: Some preliminary results – Assoc. Prof. Le Hoang Son (VNU, Vietnam)

Cognitive Banking – Mr. Nguyen Manh Khang (IBM, Vietnam)

AI in Electro-Optical/Infrared camera surveillance systems – Dr. Dao Duc Minh (Viettel R&D, Vietnam)

Social graph analysis for verification and fill out users’ information – Mr. Le Minh (Five9, Vietnam)


Structured prediction for the summarisation and alignment of videos – Prof. Massimo Piccardi (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

From Human Machine Interaction to Human Machine Intelligence – Assoc. Prof. Le Thanh Ha (Vietnam National University, Vietnam)

How to Make Chatbots Smarter: Computational Semantics Beyond Events and Roles – Dr. Le Hong Phuong (Vietnam National University, Vietnam)

Analyzing Daily Activity Logs for Smart Interaction – Assoc. Prof. Tran Minh Triet (Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

Reinforcement learning for mobile robots – Dr. Nguyen Do Van (Vietnam National University, Vietnam)

20 years of Vietnamese Spoken Language Processing: Research & Achievements – Assoc. Prof. Vu Hai Quan (VNUHCM University of Science, Vietnam)

General Game Playing: a Challenge for AI – Assoc. Prof. Sylvain Lagrue (University of Artois, France)

Answer set programming and its Applications – Prof. Tran Cao Son (New Mexico State University, USA)

Evolutionary computation and its roles in AI – Assoc. Prof. Bui Thu Lam (Le Quy Don University, Vietnam)

AI in 5G networks – Prof. Do Van Tien (Budapest University Of Technology And Economics, Hungary)

A New Paradigm – Assoc. Prof. Huynh Thanh Binh (Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam) – Evolutionary Multitasking

Performance Improvement of Industrial Motor Drives using Artificial-Intelligence based Control Techniques – Prof. Ta Cao Minh (Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam)

Dialogue Engine Algorithms for Personal Artificial Intelligence (P.A.I.) – Dr. Nguyen Tuan Duc (Alt, Vietnam)