Fortnite Challenges

New Fortnite Challenges: Where are The Highest And Lowest Spots On The Map?

New set of challenges is coming in Fortnite. Some interesting challenges this week as players race to finish out their battle pass before what does not appear to be an extended season for once comes to an end. And this week, one challenge is to dance at the highest and lowest spots on the map.

We had this challenge before in the old chapter 1 map but things have change in the chapter 2 map. So, where are you supposed to be dancing to complete the challenge? Let’s taka a look on a map of the two locations, with more details below:

Fortnite Challenges

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The Highest Spot

Fortnite Challenges

You might easily able to guess where the highest point is on the map, one of the snowy mountains in the south. You can kind of see which mountain is the tallest out of all of them while dropping. That would be marked by a flag on the peak directly south of Catty Corner, and usually spawning with a chest. If multiple people land there, you might let everyone else dance while you grabing the chest to secure your own safety. Then kill them, at least.

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The Lowest Spot

Fortnite Challenges

Can you figure what location would it be in your head now? Do you know any deep pits on this map? No rocket silos in the Chapter 2 map or anything. But there is one place that is quite literally below sea level. That would be Coral Castle. You need to land there and go inside the main castle structure. Once there, you will find a pool with a pillar in the middle. Hack down the pillar and you can dance on the platform that stands there. I’m not sure if dancing anywhere in this room counts, or if it has to be that exact spot, but I would do that just to be safe.

We give you some hints about your highest and lowest points on the map to complete new Fortnite challenges. They are not particularly close to one another so I do not imagine you will be able to get this done in a single match. But you don’t need to, as that is not one of the requirements. You can do this challenge pretty easily. So if you need the XP or if you need 60 weekly challenges to get the Logan variant of the Wolverine skin, this is probably one you should be working on.