Plugin Compare for Notepad++

Before, I usually using SVN to find the different points of version source code. But recently, I don’t use SVN or Source Code Management Tools other. Today, I can find the difference of a package Oracle with version before we upgrade.
I was recommended using plugin Compare for Notepad++ to work this it. It is perfect for me.

We has two ways to install Plugin Compare for Notepad++:
1: Install from Plugin Manager
Choice menu Plugins -> Plugins Admin…
Search: Compare and tick on Compare. Click Install.
After that, dialog display Notepad++ is about to exit ask confirm Notepad++ will restart to Apply plugin.
2: Install from package dowload
Dowload the last version Compare Plugin on link:
Unzip file dowloaded, we have file ComparePlugin.dll
Choice Settings -> Import -> Import plugin(s)… Select the file ComparePlugin.dll

To compare, we open two file and select Plugins -> Compare -> Compare
Or press Alt + D