Android 12 Release Date: When It Officially Launched?

The official Android 12 release date is approaching. So far, here’s what’s officially launched: February 18, 2021: Android 12 Developer Preview 1.

Currently, Android 12 has entered the final stage of the rollout. Now, the operating system is basically ready for the public, there are only a few tweaks left to make.

We’ve already seen the fifth beta launch. Before that there were three developer previews (with two minor updates in between) and four betas (with minor updates for each). Google has called the fifth beta a candidate release, which means it’s final. The next big launch should be a stable launch. Google says the launch will happen in the next few weeks.

When Google launched Android 11 last year, Google had the first beta in June and the last launch in early September. Most likely this is also the Android 12 launch schedule this year.

Android 12 Release Date

Google plans to roll out monthly updates to Android 12. According to the most recent official information, we can expect the stable launch to happen in a few weeks.

We have now seen the fifth beta and the upcoming release date. Depending on how it develops, it could be late September or mid-September if all goes well.

We’ll keep breaking news with official release date! Please look forward to the latest news.


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