How To Receive Trials Of The Imposters Free Rewards In Fortnite

The Trials of the Imposters from Season 7 of the Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2 published on Wednesday, August 25. Above all, this is a small event focused on the mode Impostores from Fortnite, thanks to which users can get rewards for free in this game. Here are information of the trials:

Fortnite: How To Receive Free Prizes With Trials Of The Imposters

To get receive rewards thanks to Impostors Trials event, users must do the following:

– Let’s go to the website of the Impostors Trials.
– Log in with Epic Games account.
– With the session started, the web will already tell users progress. To get badges, users must play games in Impostors Mode. Every two games users play to will get a badge.
– There are 3 rewards in total, and to get them all, user must get a total of eleven badges. This is achieved by playing 22 games of Impostor Mode.

How To Receive Trials Of The Imposters Free Rewards In Fortnite

In addition, when it comes to getting the prizes, only this games played in Impostors mode will count from our registration on the Trials Of The Impostors website. This games that user have played previously will not count.

Similarly, the Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass Season 7 Trials Of The Imposters free prizes are as follows:

– 1 insignia: Thermocephalus graffiti
– 6 insignias: Smiley Let it be between us
– 11 insignias: Spectral Flex wrap


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