The Best New Mobile Game Launched In The First Half Of June 2020

Welcome to New Mobile Game Launched In The First Half Of June 2020. No need for additional ads, these are the latest, notable games today.

Dino Brain

 In the first step, use your brain to dissect the situation.

In the second step, use your one finger to doodle the line. This line is the road to bring food to the dinosaurs.

The last step, drive the truck go to the Dino, keep the food in front of Dino’s place three seconds. Congratulations!!! You have successfully brought delicious food for baby Dino.

New Mobile Game

Escape From Matrix

Can’t guess what kind of enemies are waiting for you in the Matrix survival game!

Solve all puzzle games by taking down all the enemies in the least shot as you can, you will have a chance of coming to the next mystery matrix with more challenge matrix puzzles and silly enemies like zombies, thieves, or black ninjas.

Be careful! You will be killed by a mystery agent if you don’t kill all the enemies before the time up!

New Mobile Game

Bubble Milk Tea Shop

Welcome to YOUR Bubble Milk Tea Shop!

You are now our main Bubble Tea Barista ⭐️, try to mix the different flavors in this super-addictive bubble tea simulator.

Earn as many coins as you can to collect all the skins to customize your bubble teas.
Come with milk tea onion, you will be completely creative with milk tea flavors according to our formula. You just need to make the right ratio to get your own milk teacups.

New Mobile Game

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