15 Best Offline Android Games That Don’t Need Internet

Top very good and beautiful offline android games on Mobile, especially cheap smartphones can also play smoothly.

Escape From Matrix

offline Android games

So what do you have to do in this Matrix survival game? 

You have to escape from all stages of the matrix by taking down the enemies hindering you. Just take your weapon, aim the enemies, and shoot to kill them.

You have to aim and shoot the enemies smartly because your bullets are limited. Try to kill them all in the least shoot as possible to have more chance of escaping from the matrix.

In this survival game, you also have to take down all the enemies and escape from the matrix in time, before the agent finds and kills you.

Notice the time! You must take down all the enemies in the Matrix before the time’s up. Best Offline Android Games 2020

Download: Escape From Matrix: Mrs. Aim & Mr. Shoot

Save The Lady

offline Android games

This is a game to train your intelligence and acumen. Give you suggestions and options to rescue the girl. But these puzzles are not easy to choose. You need to have intelligence and acumen.

95% of gamers cannot solve these conundrums to save the lady from danger.

The rules are very simple, you just need to choose the correct answer to win.

Help the lady escape a dangerous situation to return to her loving home. Come to the adventures waiting for you when you join the game Rescue Lady – Puzzle Game Hack Brain. Best Offline Android Games 2020 for you.

Download: Save The Lady- Save Girl – Rescue Girl 

Shadow Fight 3

offline Android games

Compared to the fighting games on mobile today, the quality of graphics in Shadow Fight 3 must be at a completely different level.

The image of the character with the moves, the attacks are very sophisticated and detailed, bringing a sense of combat to the extreme. To be able to bring excellent graphics quality in Shadow Fight 3, the developer Nekki used an exclusive technology called Cascadeur.

This technology is responsible for the animation and lifelike and has been integrated into many of its previous titles, such as Vector and Vector 2. 

 Pick Up & Match Master 

offline Android games

No more boring like the usual puzzle games. Pick Up 3D is an extremely new and different game, which refreshes your mind  and puts a smile on your face

The goal of the game is to find and match 3D objects according to the

requirements of each level. There are many levels and diverse options that will make you addicted to Target Pick Up when joining this game.

Hidden Object game will power up your brain and increase your memory speed since it offers tons of sweet 🍭 and cute 🥰 combinations.

Download: Find It 3D – Pick Up & Match Master 

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