TOP 5 The Best Space Movies

Are you looking for a space movie a little more realistic than the epics full of aliens that seem to be very popular? Services you often use to watch movies online like Netflix, HBO, … Below I will introduce you to the best space movies that are realistic.

These movies faithfully depict real-world space flights with current and past technology. No aliens or vertical drives will be found on this list; only astronauts take off from Earth in old-style liquid fuel rockets, so they can take the first small steps towards the final frontier.   

Apollo: The Mission To The Moon

National Geographic’s Apollo: Missions to the Moon is dedicated to 12 years and 12 missions run by the Apollo program. The documentary is based on archived footage of the astronauts and crew that put humans on the moon.

Apollo: The mission to the Moon covers the entire decades-long program, not just the days of the Apollo 11. mission. It is an opportunity to relive the space race through the cameras of news teams. were there. This is the best space movie that is realistic.

Control Of Mission: The Anonymous Heroes Of Apollo

All of the films on this list focus heavily on the astronauts of the Apollo missions. However, the 2017 documentary film produced on Netflix focuses on people at NASA’s space flight center in Houston. 

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The most mentioned main actor is also the main person of the entire manned astronaut show. The film uses real footage of Mission Control combined with new interviews with NASA team members working there.

Finally, an interesting view of how manned space flights, and especially missions on the Apollo moon, would never have been possible had tons of support and operations resumed. This is also one of the best space movies.

From The Earth To The Moon

After finishing the lead role in Apollo 13, Tom Hacks extended his time in space with the 1998 HBO series. These 12 episodes record the history of American space exploration, since the inception of NASA.

Until the first Apollo missions and ended with the last manned moon landing with Apollo 17. Hanks directed the first volume of this series and wrote or co-wrote several others.

the best space movies

There are many famous actors playing roles in this small series, including Tony Goldwyn, Bryan Cranston, Cary Elwes Gary Cole, Sally Field, and more. This is probably the best drama to describe the true events of the space program Apollo. It is available for streaming with an HBO Now or HBO Max subscription.

The First Man – The Best Space Movies

This is the movie that hasn’t had the main movie about the first manned moon landing until 2018 when First Man finally premiered in theaters. Director Damien Chazelle offers an emotional and humane story about the events that led to the Apollo 11 moon landing. 

Actor Ryan Gosling does an excellent job as the astronaut Neil Armstrong, a man who is still a somewhat puzzling figure in space exploration history. It is currently available for viewing on Cinemax.

the best space movies


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