Google’s acquisition of Fitbit

Google‘s acquisition of Fitbit is about to face previous European Union scrutiny.

The European Commission has launched an investigation into purchases about concerns that Google may misuse Fitbit‘s health data to personalize search ads more and give the internet giant an advantage to be fair compared to the rivals.


Marketers and publishers may face higher prices and fewer choices, the Commission said. 

Officials are also concerned that melting the database of Google and Fitbit could skew part of new digital healthcare in Europe and Google could encourage limiting support for devices. Wear compatible Android rivals like Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series.

Google promised in mid-July that it would create a data silo data that would remove wearable data from other information. However, the Commission determined that silos would not be sufficient to offset the concerns – the container would not include all the data Google would receive through the deal.

In response, Google‘s VP Rick Osterloh published a blog post emphasizing his company’s point of view that the Fitbit deal is about devices, not data.


The CEO promised that Google would give Fitbit users control over their information. He further argued that there is strong competition between different groups between brands like Apple, Samsung, and Wear OS Fossil partner and the Fitbit deal will promote competition to improve quality while reducing prices.

The Commission has until December 9 to decide whether the Fitbit deal will be anti-competitive. It is a significant amount of time to wait but could be the last major barrier to the deal if EU regulators do not find a serious problem.


The US Department of Justice has not officially launched an investigation, despite previous whispers and Australia being quiet. However, if there is an objection, Google may have to make additional concessions or even risk the complete acquisition.

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