Huawei is no longer among the Top 5 leading companies in China

Huawei, once a company that threatened Samsung when in second place, has now dropped out of the Top 5 in terms of the global market share. The US trade ban has caused a lot of damage to Huawei. In the past, Huawei has grown very strongly, at least in the Chinese market. But right now, things are looking tough in their home market

The IDC released its Q2 2021 market share report for China, and it noted that Huawei is no longer a top-five company in its home country. Instead, the firm is now found in the “other” category. While this might seem like a small thing to some, the situation itself is severe, to say the least.

The IDC has released its Q2 2021 market share report for China and they note that Huawei is no longer among the top 5 in China. For some, this is not a big deal, but in itself it is very serious

Dropped out of the top 5, Huawei is now found in the “other” category


Huawei once overtook Apple to take the runner-up position before the trade ban hit. The US sanctions hit the company hard outside of China because the phone doesn’t have any Google support. At first, Huawei was able to rely on the domestic market to keep the phones shipping. However, the current situation shows that sanctions have caused more damage than we thought. As we can see, they have affected the supply chain and sales in the global and home markets

This is made worse by Huawei preparing to launch the P50 series tomorrow. We can’t predict the future of this phone, so let’s wait a couple of months.

Vivo became the top manufacturer in the quarter and achieved 23.8% market share. Oppo ranked second with 21.1% market share and Xiaomi took 17.2% market share. Apple and Honor hold the 4th and 5th positions respectively with 10.9% and 8.9% market share.


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Huawei P50 series will officially launch on July 29th

According to multiple sources, Huawei will release at least two phones, P50 and P50 Pro for the Huawei P50 series.

More than a year after the launch of the P40 series. Huawei’s next-generation flagship phone, the P50 series, will be announced at a launch event on July 29. The company has announced the information on multiple social media channels.

Huawei P50 will officially launch on July 29th 2

Huawei is trying to make a comeback after being subject to US sanctions. In recent years, the US has imposed a series of tough sanctions against Chinese companies. This resulted in their once best-selling smartphone being devoid of popular Google apps and software, among other consequences. Restrictions on Huawei’s purchases of US-made components mean the company also has to stop making its own branded Kirin chipsets that power its phones.

In a Weibo post, Richard Yu, head of Huawei’s consumer business group posted: the series will mark the beginning of “a new era of mobile imaging,”. It is not yet clear whether Huawei’s P50 series will have a limited release in China. Or it will also be rolled out more widely internationally to the company’s key markets such as Europe and the UK.

At a launch event in June, Huawei announced its own mobile operating system called HarmonyOS, which is designed to replace Google Mobile Services on smartphones as well as a broad arrays of consumer devices. It also used last month’s event to introduce the Huawei P50 series, but was not shared on the launch date.


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