[Instagram Icon] How To Get Instagram’s Secret Retro Icons As Turns 10

Instagram turns 10 years old and is bringing out some new features to celebrate. In which, the most prominent is the custom Instagram Icon feature

This is great news for people who miss the original icon. Because, Instagram is giving you a chance to change it back or choose a completely new icon.

Today, Instagram has launched a built-in icon pack for its iOS and Android apps. It give your app an retro look on your phone.

How to change icon in iOS and Android phone

First, make sure you’ve updated your Instagram app to the latest version on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Open Instagram, tap on your profile icon in the lower-right corner. And tap on the triple-line menu in the upper-right corner, then tap on Settings. Now going to get a little weird. Let’s start scrolling up, instead of tapping anything else. You will start to see a little line of emoji begin forming, if you do it right.

how to change Instagram icon

Keep scrolling as hard as you can. And tah-dah!! You’ll warp into an Easter egg-like menu of new app icons. Pick one to according your favorite.

change instagram icon

Because of how Android works, you’re actually creating an app shortcut to Instagram when you opt to use another icon. As a result, your icon won em look quite as pretty as what iOS users get, since it’ll also have the main icon attached to it, too. You can remove the primary icon from the Home screen to reduce clutter

The icon change of Android looks less appealing. But, I’m sure you could find some clever way to replace Instagram’s icon entirely using a special Android launcher app and an icon pack, but that’s a lot more work than what Instagram offers natively.

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