Five Unhelpful Changes In League of Legends Patch 11.18

On Thursday, Sept. 9, League of Legends Version 11.18 is scheduled to release. Due to Labor Day, the release is one day later than usual. There is no official patch preview or information yet. However based on what is gathered, here are 5 unhelpful changes in League of Legends Version 11.18.

Five Unhelpful Changes In League of Legends Patch 11.18

– Tristana Buffs
Producer Riot may give Hextech Tristana some buffs with she debuts. This character is examples of an AD Carry who is very balanced for power. Tristana is in the middle of the table in terms of win rate. At the same time if played well she is still able to get leads and carry games. Hopefully producer chooses not to give her some buffs just because of the release of her new exclusive skin.

– Relentless Rengar
Version 11.18 is giving Rengar a mini rework. This will shift his playstyle to be a bit easier to pull off. When enough farm, Rengar may make almost all enemy disappear in a flash. Gamers hope this doesn’t turn Rengar into a relentless machine.

Five Unhelpful Changes In League of Legends Patch 11.18

– Don’t Touch Akshan
Due to buffs to his kit, previous patch saw his win rate skyrocket. Producer Riot needs to not touch Akshan.

– Mid Lane Lucian
Above all, Riot officially removed Lucian out of mid lane. Lucian was never intended to be go in mid lane. Producer confirmed that decision in the last patch. This has helped many mage users out and seems to be overall healthier for the game.

– Senna Changes
Senna is currently also in a perfect spot to duo alongside Lucian. Her kit seems to be well balanced. Before, Senna was always hovering in both the AD Carry and Support role.

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