The Best Multi-Port USB Wall Chargers 2020

Today, everything in your home relies on a charger to continue working. From phones and tablets to earbuds and speakers, you’ve probably got more cords than stores. Below I will introduce to you the options that we consider to be best the multi-port USB Wall Charger. 

Anker Power Strip

If you are looking to maximize your device’s battery life, this is the best option for you. This charger is on the list of chargers you should buy in 2020. Supporting a full power range, it plugs into the wall with a single AC outlet and a five-pin cable means you can locate the charging center wherever you need it.

the best wall charger

Once you’ve plugged in, you can choose from one USB-C and two USB-A ports, as well as two other AC options. Special cables are wrapped so they will last without fray or shock. This is the best multi-port USB wall charger that you should buy.

Satechi Four Ports

Satechi four USB ports balance between two USB-C and two USB-A options. Two USB-C ports combine with 108W total charging while USB-A options add 12W between them. 

This is a good option when you want to charge your devices safely at the same time. However, you need to prepare in advance because when charging multiple devices at the same time, it is very likely that the case of speed shock.

the best wall charger

The device supports convenient LED lights to let you know when your device is charging. The colors are tastefully designed, giving a luxurious feel to this charger. This is the best multiport USB wall chargers 2020. 

RAVPower 45W Wall Charger

At 45W, this USB wall charger is incapable of charging all laptops. But if you want an affordable one-port wall charger for smartphones, tablets, and accessories that provides speed and can easily fit into your pocket, then RAVPower is the perfect choice for you.

For as little as $ 30, you can get this USB wall charger. So what are you waiting for without owning this charger right now!

the best wall charger

Aukey Three Ports

One of the most trusted chargers I want to recommend to you. This three-port Aukey option adds a second USB-A port to the mix so you can choose from Power Delivery 3.0 and Quick Charge 3.0 speeds.

The USB-C port reaches a maximum speed of 46W while the USB-A Quick Charge reaches a maximum of 18W. The built-in safeguards mean you can spend more time on charging and less time worrying about overheating. This is the best multiport USB wall chargers 2020 that you should buy. 

the best wall charger

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