10 Best NEW Android Apps From July 2020!

10 Best NEW Android Apps From July 2020! will help you get the best experience on your mobile device, helping your device be more optimized. It is not just a call and listens device, after installing the Android Apps you will see your device upgraded, making it useful for you in your life and at work.

  1. Global Compass 2020

The traditional compass is inconvenient, you want to integrate the compass into your phone device. Simple to use, useful to you in any case. You can find your way easily, not afraid to get lost. The compass uses sensors in mobile devices, giving you precise directions on all roads.

Extremely battery-saving application, you no longer have to worry about your trips. This is the best app for you, it can give you the exact address where you are, share that location with your friends to rescue yourself.

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2. Volume Booster

Galaxy Volume Booster – Max sound booster app is a volume up app which can push the sound volume louder than the system defaults. Loudspeaker booster controls also Android phone volume for all sound streams: music, voice, alarm, system, etc. ️

You want to boost volume loud for music or enhance sound for systems. Now, with only one touch, you can boost sound volume or enhance the sound to a maximum in the power amplifier speaker system. With a super sound enhancer, you can adjust sound effects the way you like with morden equalizer.

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3. Battery Manager 2020

You want to increase the life of your mobile battery, make the most of your battery life, automatically monitor which applications consume your private power. Battery Management will help you easily track applications on your device, protecting battery life easier. Power management helps your Android phone work longer.


Clean up power-hungry apps

Disable unnecessary apps that drain the battery

Check your charge speed

Use charging alerts for your battery

Estimate the exact time till full charge

Get useful information to extend battery life

Indicate your phone temperature and give alerts

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4. QR Code Scanner

Scan QR code android indispensable for your phone! Download now!️

QR code generator -QR scanner app will turn your phone into a QR code scanner.

QR reader for android is a smart QR reader that protects you from rogue QR codes containing dangerous links.


QR scanner online will work on mobile devices. Scan QR code quickly.

Generate QR Code with any format. Create a QR code and surprise your friends.

Autofocus when barcode scanner online.

QR code generator free with this app. All QR code will be saved in the history.

QR code maker app lets you scan all types of QR codes.

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