TeraBox is a free alternative to other cloud storage solutions

Have you heard of TeraBox?

We have hundreds, thousands of photos and videos stored on our phones, computers, tablets, etc. It is the precious memories of you and your loved ones on important occasions and beautiful places. You probably don’t want to lose them just because your computer is broken or your phone is lost. That is the reason for the appearance of cloud storage services. All cloud storage solutions on the market offer a basic set of services. That includes a specific amount of storage space, easy access to files and the ability to share files with other users.

One of the main differences between these cloud storages is the amount of free storage they offer.

Google Photos has been a longtime favorite for its unlimited free storage. Now, however, any photos you upload will be deducted from 15GB of space on your Google account shared with your Gmail and Google Drive. And when that space is used up, you’ll need to pay $29.99 a year if you want to upgrade to 200GB.

TeraBox is a free alternative to other cloud storage solutions 2

But don’t worry, a bunch of new cloud storage products have entered the market. We have some familiar names like OneDrive and Dropbox by Microsoft. And now there’s a promising new product that could be the best free cloud storage provider. That’s TeraBox.

It offers users 1TB (1024GB) of free storage forever. It is also fully compatible with Android, iOS and desktop computers. And it can sync your files seamlessly across your devices.

1TB of free space is equivalent to carrying around a high-capacity hard drive on you at all times. That amount of space can store hundreds of thousands of photos, or thousands of high-quality videos.

Let’s compare the costs a bit. Dropbox offers 2GB of free space. To upgrade to 1TB, you need to pay $9.99 per month. OneDrive is slightly better priced, offering 5GB of free space. The $1.99 per month subscription fee will buy you an extra 100GB of space. TeraBox may be the only cloud storage solution that offers 1TB of free storage.

If 1TB of free space is not enough for you. You can upgrade to 2TB for $2.99 per month. Google Drive also offers a 2TB subscription, but at $9.99 per month.

One issue to consider with cloud storage solutions is the file size limit. Users of TeraBox’s free service can upload files up to 4GB in size. And subscribers can upload files up to 20GB. TeraBox’s sharing functionality has no file size limit. So no matter how large the file is, it can easily be shared with other users.


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