OnlyFans bans sexually explicit content starting October

The shift away from porn on the OnlyFans comes amid pressure from banks

Video-sharing site OnlyFans, known for its creators’ adult videos and photos, will ban sexually explicit content starting October 1. It is reported that they are making the change because of pressure from banking and payment provider partners.

OnlyFans bans sexually explicit content starting October

Creators on the platform will still be allowed to post nude images as long as they adhere to the site’s acceptable use policy. More information will be available in the coming days.

OnlyFans says it now has more than 2 million creators and 130 million users. And creators have made more than 5 billion dollars on their platform. Last year, the site generated $2 billion in sales (of which OnlyFans receives a 20% cut).

The company is looking for investors with a valuation of more than $1 billion but has struggled to attract investors. This difficulty comes mainly from the proliferation of pornographic content on the platform.

Along with the pornography announcement, OnlyFans released its first monthly transparency report for July on Thursday, “as part of our commitment to safety and transparency.”


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