Pokémon Go Announced The Base Interaction Radius Will Be 80 Meters From Now On

Niantic said that it will change the base interaction radius back to 80 meters for PokéStops and Gyms globally on Wednesday. This is one of its controversial gameplay changes to Pokémon Go. Starting from 40 meters, to 80 meters, to 40 meters and back again.

As in the announcement, Niantic company is increasing the range players from the real-world places of Gyms and Pokéstops and still interact with them. The new base limit is 262 feet equals 80 meters, this is distance the company given at the start of the pandemic.

Pokémon Go Announced The Base Interaction Radius Will Be 80 Meters

Pokémon Go Announced Interaction Radius Will Be 80 Meters

Early August, the company reverted the in-game interaction distance back to 131 feet equals 40 meters in New Zealand and the US. This is disappointing for fans. They had appreciated COVID-19 safety the change offered. Now Pokémon Go will keep permanently the increased distance, along with other changes it’s publishing on Sep. 1st.

Above all, players can find all the details on Niantic’s changelog. However the unexpected other changes that are sticking around for now in the USA. Incense used to attract wild Pokemon will be less effective unless users are moving. This like it was before the begin of the pandemic. Moreover, it locked in place the changes to prize frequency from Buddy Pokémon. Pokémon Go is willing to adapt to the needs of its users. In conclusion, this is a positive sign.


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