Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 could have a 3rd Hinge RGB Display

If we compare Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 with its predecessors, it was a success. Foldable devices are still in the development and testing phases. Different companies are experimenting with separate designs and technologies to create a device that is consumer-friendly and usable. And Samsung is also working on the concepts of the next generation of their foldable smartphone, i.e., Galaxy Z Fold 3.

May have a hinged display. It can be used for vital information like time, notifications, etc. This is an RGB Led strip that would get swallowed by the backside of the smartphone. Samsung filed a patent for an ‘Electronic device including indicator’ on March 2019. 

galaxy z fold 3 hideaway hinge

This feature might not make it to the Galaxy Z Fold 3

The patent shows the Galaxy Z Fold with an indicator within the hinge featuring LED light elements and an almost translucent cover. This LED light indicator can be used for notifications, or its purpose is to notify the user about notifications, messages or incoming calls. But this feature might not make it to the Fold 3.

However, it’s too early to announce whether the concept will ever see the sunshine of day, or what device will suit it. But the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 seems to be the foremost likely candidate

Whether Samsung will actually integrate this concept within the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 remains unknown. But, Samsung is constant to explore new possibilities to further improve the foldable smartphone. And take the user experience to a good higher level.

Samsung also appears to be investigating the possibility of making upcoming folding phones compatible with the S Pen. With this stylus, the Galaxy Note series is poised to differentiate itself from other smartphone models for years. Especially with an outsized display device like the Z Fold 2, the S Pen can deliver a crucial added value.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Is Something Really Quite Special

The price that users have to pay for novel devices like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – foldable phones goes beyond the literal price tag.

Everything about the Z Fold 2 is better made than the original. It is still bleeding-edge technology. The new device costs £1,799, which makes it a super luxury purchase. Make no mistake, this is absolutely not a smartphone for the masses. But it is a very important device.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: Official Introduction Film

The Z Fold 2 runs Samsung’s latest One UI 2.5, which is based on last year’s Android 10, not the recently released Android 11. An update to One UI 3 and Android 11 is expected in the next six months. In addition, battery life is surprisingly good considering the number and size of the screens. The Z Fold 2 lasts about 32 hours between charges with the screens on for a total of five hours. It lasts long enough to get you through even the hardest of use days or about two days if used a bit lighter.

Above all, the Z Fold 2 is a two-in-one device unlike anything else on the market. When folded, it is a pretty thin smartphone. When open, it up like a book and you’ve got a tablet that’s about the same size as Apple’s popular iPad Mini. Therefore, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is an absolute triumph for Samsung, cementing foldable screen devices as not only a possible novelty but as an actually good, useful device worth buying right now.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Is Something Really Quite Special

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 costs £1,799 and ships on 2 October. For comparison, the original Galaxy Fold cost £1,900. The Galaxy Z Flip costs from £1,300, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra costs £1,179. And the OnePlus 8 Pro costs £799 and the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max costs £1,149.


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