PUBG Mobile version 1.0 will include Erangel map refresh

PUBG Mobile confirm via a tweet that PUBG Mobile New Erangel map to release on September 8. It is the surprise the developers had promised.

PUBG Mobile New Erangel map to release on September 8
PUBG Mobile New Erangel map to release on September 8

Last month, the company had said that they had a surprise in store for its fans. PUBG said that the New Erangel map will be included in the new era PUBG Mobile version 1.0 update of the game. In addition to the “New Erangel” map, the new version 1.0 update will bring a new and much more customisable and better visualised UX for the gamers.

Above all, the new Erangel map has lots of changes and improvement, like new design elements, a new weapon and better graphics overall. New Erangel map will not be a completely new map. But instead a revamped version of the classic Erangel map that most PUBG Mobile players are familiar with. It in a similar fashion to the Mad Miramar map.

PUBG Mobile announces Dawn of a New Era community event

The new update is part of PUBG Mobile’s The Dawn of a New Era event. Where they want players to show their favourite memories over the past two years on Erangel. In this event, players will have a chance to win 30,000 UC (PUBG’s in-game currency).

The event will require players to share screenshots and lips from the current Erangel map. There will be three categories, which will include favourite Chicken Dinner memory, favourite screenshot on Erangel and favourite Erangel video clip. The developers will then choose three winners from each of these categories and distribute the reward to them.

Therefore, the first-place winners will get $100 UC and have their clips or images showcased on the official PUBG Twitter handle. The second and third place winners will receive an award of $50 UC and $25 UC, respectively.

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