NBA 2K22 Reveales New Ways To Explore Interesting Things In The City

2K showed an in-depth look at the next version to The City in NBA 2K22 for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. It includes a lively basketball community, prize, activitie, and a new MyCAREER story with an original mission narrative, cutscenes and vibe. All takes place within The City.

Update features in The City in NBA 2K22 include:

NBA 2K22 Reveales New Ways To Explore Interesting Things In The City

– New City Missions will be solo adventures for users to trying with their careers off the court. All included from becoming a fashion mogul to a rap icon.

– The City feel as if it’s teeming with life when the population increases. There are new NPCs to fully bring the world around players together.

– Users’s home plays a part in MyCAREER as a place where friends and coaches will give players new missions. The player’s ability to upgrade their crib is very important. Eg a penthouse with a zipline to take players directly to specific courts.

– Discover new buildings added to The City. Players can access music from some of the hottest labels that drop with every Season from matchmaking building and Club 2K.

– Prizes include new ways to get around The City. Such as Inline Skates and Go-Karts, new emotes, outros and intros, customized name plates, animations and more.


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Epic adds Preferred Item Slots feature ahead of Bugha’s Late Game mode

Fortnite update finally 3.23 (17.20) rolled out on PS5, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, v.v. The Fortnite patch 3.23 is available to play following the game’s server downtime today. Epic Games reveals what’s included in this new update’s patch notes. The update version number is 3.23 on PS4, Xbox Series X and Xbox One, 1.000.034 on PS5 and 17.20 on PC.


What’s new in the Fortnite update?

This update adds in Preferred Item Slots, it allowing users to manage their inventories more effectively. The list of new fixes and additions is below:
– This update introduces Preferred Item Slots setting.
– Arena playlists will be disabled starting July 20 at 02:00 UTC. We plan to provide them available again after downtime has finished. But there may be a delay.
– Career statistics may stop updating shortly before downtime starts, but they should be accurate once downtime finishs.
– We have heard reports from users that the Deploy Alien Nanites anywhere other than Holly Hatchery mission is not tracking progress properly. We plan to auto-complete this Quest with the release of 3.23 (v17.20).

Epic adds Preferred Item Slots feature ahead of Bugha’s Late Game mode

Preferred Item Slots are a huge change for Fortnite, with users now able to make a preset that will put items in certain places in their inventory. If you wish to have a sniper rifle at the start of your inventory, you can now pick to do so, helping you quick access to the weapons you use the most.

Additionally, Epic revealed that Bugha’s Late Game mode will roll out shortly following this new update. It’s a brand new competition held in honor of the 2019 World Cup Solo Champion that will enable users to compete for cash prizes from July 20 to July 28.

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