the Android operating system

Things need to know about the Android operating system

Android has been around for a long time and has become the dominant operating system globally. Android holds more than 74% of the global mobile operating system market as of December 2019. Most of us know what Android OS is and how to use it. But few people know that Android offers more than that. So below I will introduce you to the interesting things you need to know about the Android operating system.

Android is an operating system

Android is not a mobile phone or an application. But an operating system based on the Linux kernel. By its simplest definition, Linux is the most common operating system on servers and desktops. Android is not just a version of Linux, because many changes are found in the software.

Android is an operating system designed specifically for mobile phones. Everything that you can see through the screen like messages, calls,… The Android operating system processes that information and puts it in a readable format.

the android opeating system

Like other operating systems, Android also divides into many different versions. The Android operating system stands out because of its features, performance, and stability, and is often codenamed. Most modern smartphones and tablets released this year run Android 9 Pie or Android 10.

And most Android manufacturers also feature a shell on the operating system. An overlay, or UI overlay, is a custom design that adds extra features to your phone, various icons, and other tweaks designed to provide a unique experience for the phone manufacturer, you have chosen.

The most popular interfaces include Samsung’s One UI, OnePlus’s OxygenOS,  and Huawei’s EMUI. A phone without any major customizations is often called Android stock Android and the UI has only minor changes.

Home screen

Once you’ve completed the simple steps to set up your device, you’ll get to the main screen. Again, the actual interface of the main screen of the home screen may vary significantly depending on the device you have. 

Most home screen experiences will have the same basic elements, however, including app drawer, notification shade, and a dock with a few main apps like the dialer, messaging, etc… The Android operating system always brings interesting things to you. the Android operating system

This means that all the applications you have installed on your phone are located on the home screen. Above the screen is the notification bar, which includes icons for any pending notifications you may have, such as missed calls, messages, emails, Facebook alerts, and even alerts game.

You can access notifications by swiping down from the top. When the notification center is open, you can swipe the notification away or press the notification to open the corresponding application.

the Android operating system

In this notification bar, you can also access some quick toggles for selected settings, such as alarm mode, on/off Wi-Fi / Bluetooth / Airplane mode, etc. 

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the aforementioned dock bar, including some icons. These icons will be available on each home screen window. You can choose which apps to include in the dock and ideally those you use often. When using the Android operating system you will find this operating system has a lot of interesting things. 

Go Deep Into Android

While that gives you a quick glimpse of Android’s setup process and the home screen, we’re just taking a brief look here. Some other aspects of Android you’ll want to get acquainted with include the Google Assistant, the basics of Android 10, the best Android apps, and more. 

the Android operating system

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