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100 Best Android Utility Apps

There are many utility apps to make your life easier. We use and carry smartphones almost everywhere every day. So why not use it as Utility Tool?

  1. Virtual Compass

More than a compass, this virtual compass app is the best compass and the lighter version of a classical one. ️Keep it in your pocket on every trip, you will never be astray!

️Compass 360 Wader is an online compass, showing directions based on the magnetism of a device. ️Compass 360 pro free app is the new compass app that will help you as a directional compass to assist you in the right direction.

You need not to any special operations to adjust the directional compass. Just open a virtual compass app that’s enough. This application will show you the direction of East, West, South, and North.

    Android Utility Apps 

2. PDF File: PDF Viewer & PDF Reader For Android

PDF Reader For Android is a free and reliable app for your device. ️The application has a simple interface and makes it easy to PDF reader free or manage PDF documents on your phone. Download PDF Reader!!!️

The PDF reader app will automatically update the PDF files in the device. All PDF files downloaded in one app. PDF reader extension will be sorted by name, date, so you can easily manage.

We’ve made a fast, reliable PDF reader app. Read Online Epub Reader for free without limits!

Best Utility Apps

3. QR Code Scanner & QR Code Generator

QR scanner online will work on mobile devices. Scan QR code quickly.

Generate QR Code with any format. Create a QR code and surprise your friends.

Autofocus when barcode scanner online.

QR code generator free with this app. All QR code will be saved in the history.

QR code maker app lets you scan all types of QR codes.

Best Utility Apps

4. Bubble Level: Digital Precise Level – Spirit Level

Bubble Level & Angle Meter ensures calibration on either side expanded, just makes sure the bubble is right at the center of the tube. See the index below for the exact angle of measurement.

Spirit Level – Angle Meter 2020measured by the inclinometer sensor of mobile devices. Place the edge of the phone on the surface of the object to be measured and press the calibration button for the most accurate measurement.

Extremely convenient and useful in life, perfect for both home and professional use. It helps you measure to arrange furniture and measure at work.

The precise Level for Android is used as measuring angles with a protractor automatic. Spirit Level Bubble is a handy, accurate, and easy to use.

 Utility Apps

5. Galaxy Volume Booster – Max Sound & Volume Up 2020

Galaxy Volume Booster – Max sound booster app is a volume up app which can push the sound volume louder than the system defaults. Loudspeaker booster controls also Android phone volume for all sound streams: music, voice, alarm, system, etc. ️

You want to boost volume loud for music or enhance sound for systems. Now, with only one touch 🖱, you can boost sound volume or enhance the sound to the maximum in the power amplifier speaker system. With a super sound enhancer, you can adjust sound effects the way you like with morden equalizer.

Android Utility Apps

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