All about Apple Watch Series 7

We are here to talk about the Apple Watch series 7 ‘s possible release date, price, colors and new health features. Let’s take a look on the Apple’s next-gen smart watch

Apple Watch Series 7 design

Every three years, Apple brings a redesign to its mobile devices. And for this year, it’s Apple Watch. In some rumors, the nwe Apple’s wearable will get a flat-edged design that brings it more in line with the iPhone, higher-end iPad, and iMac.

The leaker Jon Prosser claims to have seen renders of the upcoming Apple Watch, and has created his own images based on those renders. Prosser revealed that the device will come in a series of colors and that there may be smaller bezels around the display than previous-generation Apple Watches.

Bloomberg’s Mark German agrees with this speculation. Gurman’s sources also note that the watch may be “slightly thicker,” but that it won’t be a noticeable difference. If it means a larger battery, we’re completely fine with that trade-off.

Apple Watch Series 7 health tracking

Health tracking on the Apple Watch has been emphasized since its release. That’s unlikely to change any time soon. As on the Series 6, the device will sport the same fitness-tracking features. But it may add some new ones too. Chief among those could be blood glucose monitoring.

A few years now, rumors about blood glucose monitoring on the Apple Watch have been swirling. It proves that Apple is working on bringing that tech to the Watch. But on the Series 7, is it available?. ETNews’s report notes that blood glucose monitoring will be a standout feature of the Apple’s Smart Watch. However, a newer report from Bloomberg instead suggests that the tech may not be ready for the Series 7.
Some rumors have been hinting at the idea that Apple might be working on blood pressure monitoring as well. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has a sensor for blood pressure monitoring, so it wouldn’t be that surprising to see it — especially given the fact that we’ve seen related patents from Apple.

Apple Watch Series 7 specs

The Apple Watch is already an incredibly functional smartwatch, and it takes years for the device to slow down and not be able to handle new software updates. Like in previous years, the Apple Watch Series 7 will likely get a spec-bump that makes it even more capable, and able to keep up with watchOS 8 and other related features from Apple.

Some rumors, like a report from DigiTimes, suggest that the new S7 chip will support a new double-sided System in Package (or SiP), which could give the device a serious battery life boost. We don’t really expect the battery to be larger, though.

Price and availability

Expected, the device will be released at around the same time as previous Apple Watch models. Also, the company will likely announce the device sometime around mid-September. Usually, Apple’s keynotes are on a Tuesday.

The device will probably be a similar price as previous-generation smart watch. In other words, it will start at around $399 for the entry-level 40mm model, or $429 for the 44mm model.