Google Play Store lets you share apps with others: How to use it?

Google’s Share Nearby debuted last year, allowing Android users to share files and other details with Android devices nearby. But this feature isn’t really an important addition to the operating system. Now, a new trick is being rolled out that allows users to transfer apps to others.

The “Share” tab is now appearing on Google Play Store builds. This option was first introduced in December 2020 and allows users to send an APK copy of the app to others via Share Nearby.

Importantly, not all apps are supported by this feature. The feature is quite situational, but it does have its uses. For example, that could be a boon for people who want to share a big, free game but don’t have fast or free Wi-Fi access.

How to use app sharing feature in the Google Play Store

The feature will be available to people running Google Play Store version 24.0 or higher. However, not all devices receive this feature at the same time.

How to enable app sharing in the Google Play StoreHere is how to get started with app sharing on the Google Play Store:

  • Open the Play Store. Navigate to My apps & games in the app menu.
    Select the Share tab.
  • To share apps with others, tap the Send button. To receive apps, tap Receive.
  • On the Send apps screen, tap Continue. Nearby Share also requires that you switch on your device’s location.
  • Select as many apps as you wish on the next screen by selecting their checkboxes.
  • When complete, hit the green triangle in the top-right.
  • Before the transfer can begin, you’ll need to search for and select a recipient. At this point, ask the intended recipient to complete steps 1 through 3 as required.
  • Once the connection is established, both users will need to double-check that the four-digit pairing code matches. If so, the recipient can hit Receive.
  • The download will then begin, and the recipient can hit Install alongside individual apps, or Install all.
  • Interestingly, once the two devices establish a connection via Nearby Share, both users can act as sender or recipient. A “Send apps” button allows the recipient to do just that, while the sender will see a “Send more apps” option instead.

Let’s check your Google Play Store and try app sharing feature now!


Google will early allow gambling apps to Google Play Store in the US

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Google will early allow gambling apps to Google Play Store in the US

Real-money betting apps and ads will accept to Google Play Store in the US. This new changes start deployment on March 1. Google will be allow online sports betting, lotteries betting, casino games and daily fantasy sports apps in certain states. Google’s support website provide a full list of what types of gambling apps are allowed. Currently, these apps are only appeared in 4 countries: the United Kingdom, France, Brazil and Ireland.

Google will early allow gambling apps to Google Play Store in the US

The change won’t be opening the opportunity for just anyone to release a slot gambling apps. Currently, Google requests app makers to go through an app process to get their gambling apps on the Play Store, and these new policies won’t be removing that requirement. To be eligible, developers must complete a gambling app form. In addition, app makers also comply with country and state laws where the app is being used and have a valid gambling license.

Gambling apps must ensure they prevent minors from being able to use the app. It also must be rated adult only and display information about responsible gambling. Above all, these apps can’t use Google Play in-app billing or be a paid app on Google Play Store. Of course, each state or country will have its own limitations on what kind of online gambling apps is legal.

In addition, gambling and betting apps are also available in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, France, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Romania, Spain and the UK.


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Top 5 Best Android Games January 2021

On the Google Play Store there are millions of exciting games to choose from. But besides the quality games, there are many games that are not well optimized. So today we are going to gather 5 Best Android Games in January 2021 that you must definitely try. Let’s take a look at each of the Top 5 Best Android Games January 2021 games one by one.

1. Save Lady Episode Is The Best Android Games January 2021

Save Lady Episode - The best android games
This is a interesting game. Save Lady Episode create a love story. You will explore the love story through each level. Choose the correct answer to win the levels. If you choose wrong. Don’t be sad. Interesting situations will not disappoint
Each level in the game will show you a story that you will have to use your IQ to solve. You must solve the funny challenge correctly to save the lady. If you get it wrong, the lady might end up dying.

2. Mosquito

Mosquito is one of the great flying puzzle games. Instead of killing mosquitoes like you would in real life, you have to help them get out. How to play the game? Well, you must turn on the lights and avoid mosquitoes from running into objects and solving puzzles.

The game include unique and challenging puzzles. You can also decorate your garden by unlocking different decorations. You can also make the mosquito look funky by customizing it with hats and kinds of stuff. NOTE: Mosquito is in development and in beta

3. Badminton Blitz

If you can’t play this sport in your real life, don’t worry because Bad Badminton Blitz has you covered. You can either start the game and play it in a 3-minute online PVP badminton game or join the badminton world by a storm. You can also connect with your social media accounts and play with friends. The game is very well optimized with stunning 3D graphics and the ultimate engaging atmosphere of a simulator world like never before.

Badminton Blitz

You can create, upgrade and level up your own character to top the professional badminton sports rankings. You can further customize your equipment and, importantly, equip it with the best racket. You can assemble the strongest club by joining the fight and winning together. You can also compete with other online players in real time and upgrade your racquet and character.

4. Rescue Wings

Rescue Wings lets you take to the skies with planes ranging from cool to crazy: Rocket fuelled jets, stealth bombers, UFO’s, and even a propeller toting avocado!

Scruffy the dog has taken up the firefighters’ call! Take a nostalgic trip through the beautiful great outdoors as you cruise through the sky in this thrilling forest rescue. Fill your water tank to the brim by diving into lakes and tackle deadly forest fires as you duck, weave, and soar through narrow caves and endless skies! Be a hero! Save the forest!

5. Hustle Castle Is The Last Of Best Android Games List

Welcome to the medieval kingdom simulator! Become the lord and master of a real medieval castle! Accept new characters, assign them to their duties and manage the king’s shelter!

Hustle Castle

All day long your scribes scratch their heads with quills, treasurers spill coins on the floor and blacksmiths drop anvils on their feet for the sake of your prosperity! Prepare true specialists, become wealthy and influential! Build a dating room and watch your subjects have children who’ll soon grow up and serve you too!

Play the medieval RPG Simulator online, attack your friends and become the one and only king of the medieval kingdom!
Let’s get playing!


Samsung Galaxy S21 without charger in the box, Samsung is following Apple?

Top 10 Best Sites To Buy Facebook Post Likes


Top 10 Best Sites To Buy Facebook Post Likes

One of the important steps in taking personal brand or your business to the next level is having a facebook account. Facebook is social media site that you have to be on if you want to make your name in the marketing world. It opens a wide range of doors into the world of marketing and social media.

You’re looking at customers, potential clients, and even sponsors. So why not do your personal page look as good as you want it too. In saying that there are a lot of services to increase the fastest engagement on your posts. A enormous range of service providers releases services like buying FaceBook post likes, page likes, comments, shares or followers for pages.

Top 10 best sites to buy facebook post likes

It is conspicuous that with the more likes, comments or shares you get the more people to attend you and your brand. This is why buying likes, comments, shares or followers is highly recommended. In our post, we will be focusing on the best sites to buy Facebook post likes, comments and shares.

Here is top 10 best sites to buy facebook post likes

1. Viralyft
4. ViewsExpert
5. Social-Viral
6. Famups
7. GetRealBoost
8. FBSkip
9. Venium
10. Famoid

Buying Facebook post engagement makes the chances of you being recognized even higher. It doesn’t hinder any of the other normal aspects of being on Facebook. Especially if you are a minor business, just 10 or so more likes, will put you above your competitors. If you need more sites for other Facebook-related services, then refer the above-mentioned sites.


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[TOP 5] Best Free Android Apps Released In 2020

[TOP 5] Best Free Android Apps Released In 2020

The Google Play Store expands every year and in 2020, too. The pandemic has a big impact on people’s habits. So some of the apps that weren’t so popular in the past have received great support in new reality. Here are top 5 best free Android apps of 2020.

1. Adobe Photoshop Camera

Adobe Photoshop Camera Best Free Android Apps Released In 2020

Lead of Top 5 Best Free Android Apps Released In 2020 is a new app ò Adobe. Adobe Photoshop Camera is a camera app combined with a photo editor. The camera portion includes filters, real-time effects, portrait mode with bokeh controls and over 100 lenses with various effects. The editor side of the app gives you control over all of those filters and effects. This is definitely an app with a lot of potential from Adobe. We hope they will continue to make this app even better in the future.

2. Dolby On

Dolby On Best Free Android Apps Released In 2020

Dolby On is an excellent audio and video recorder. You can use it for music, lectures, podcasts, meetings or any other case where voice recorder is useful. This is different from most noise reduction, noise reduction, volume control, EQ, and other audio editing tools. In addition, Dolby On has a video recorder, which is not too impressive but definitely good enough for something like Facebook or TikTok.

3. GitHub

GitHub is one of the most popular open-source development platforms on the internet. After the beta launch in 2019, the service launched a new application in early 2020. GitHub allows you to read, respond to and respond to problems and submit requests. You can also read and write code, merge pull requests, and more. There are some complaints that the app doesn’t have enough features. However, let’s see how it will improve in the future.

4. Real Drum Simulator

Real Drum Simulator Dolby On Best Free Android Apps Released In 2020

If to be a Drummer always is your dream, Real Drum Machine will help you experience your dream before making it come true. You can create your beat right on your phone or tablet. Make your fingers become drumsticks, just tap on the drum set and the instrument’s sound plays simultaneously. Classic Drum Machine for Android has more than 50 drums lessons for you to learn how to play. Easy to play, use it anytime to practice and improve your skills

5. Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser

After a long beta period, Vivaldi Browser was officially launched in April 2020. It’s built on Chromium similar to Microsoft Edge but has a different set of features. Browser with end-to-end encryption on syncing with the desktop version. It also has a built-in note-taking function, a full-length website screenshot option, supports multiple search engines, and it blocks ads and default trackers. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge in terms of features and cross-platform support.


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