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Welcome to this week’s rated must-see apps. We have picked out the top apps on our list. Please download these applications immediately. Android Apps Weekly

  1. Bubble Level


You always wanted to rearrange your house, but there were so many things in line. With the naked eye, you cannot see how they are arranged. If you have the correct measurements, let us help you. The Digital Precise Level app is the flagship app on this list, offering you the convenience of both life and work. The application uses the sensor right in smartphones. Android Apps Weekly

Bubble Level – Angle Meter for Android is perfect for both home and professional use. It helps to align or balance when you try to hang something vertically, horizontally or whatever angle you want. Precise Level 2020 is a tool that tests every surface and measures different angles: vertical angles and horizontal angles.

2. Extra Volume Up


Boost Volume Up can max volume booster – it’s not only a measure controller & music player but also it’s a free booster app that supports audio booster and allows you to experience as much loudness as possible. Extreme Volume Up Amplifier can increase volume speaker to 200%.

Now you are not limited by the minimal sound of your phone. A loud volume appraises the volume to a higher level than the default system. When you listen to music, play games, watch movies, or watch videos online in your browser, a super volume booster can interact with the program and emit the sound of the speaker. Increase volume on phone to loud volume ringtone, alarm, and multimedia sound!

3. QR Code Scanner & QR Code Generator

android apps new

QR reader online) Scan QR code android indispensable for your phone! Download now!️QR code generator -QR scanner app will turn your phone into a QR code scanner.QR reader for android is a smart QR reader that protects you from rogue QR codes containing dangerous links. Besides, you can also create your own code and share it with friends, relatives, with app barcode scanner.

QR scanner online will work on mobile devices. Scan QR code quickly.

Generate QR Code with any format. Create a QR code and surprise your friends.

Autofocus when barcode scanner online.

QR code generator free with this app. All QR code will be saved in the history.

QR code maker app lets you scan all types of QR codes.

4. Funny Voice Changer – Smart Changing Voice 2020

android apps new

Funny Voice Changer 2020 is 100% free, the interface is amazing and fashionable. The program is user-friendly and can produce great sound effects and fun. Recording your voice in high – quality sound, applying effects and sharing them with friends.

Fool your friends by changing your voice during a real phone call. Change your voice during a phone call from high and funny to deep and scary voices. Play with an interesting voice and surprise your friends.

Master Changing Voice supports many varying effects, and custom parameters can be customized to give you the best sound effect. Latest Cool Sound Effect with effects will change your voice to many funny effects or improve your singing voice overall quality.

5.Language Translator: Voice Translator, Interpreter

android apps new

Translate from English into all languages and from all languages into English: English has been the international language and the language of science and technology. Everyone irrespective of the region or geographical difference wants to learn and communicate in the English language. From all these languages and various other languages in the world, you can get your translation in the English language. Using the All Language Translator – Voice Translator app, you can translate English to Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Russian,…

Interpreter Translator – Voice To Text is indeed a useful application for today’s life when the demand for international exchanges is increasing. You can easily chat with people from other countries even though you do not know the language of that country. Free Translation App – Voice To Text will help you break all language barriers.


10 Of The Most Relaxing Games For Android

15 Best PDF Reader Apps For Android!



Microsoft’s xCloud game streaming will launch on September 15th on Android

On September 15, Microsoft will launch its game-streaming service. The xCloud project will cost $ 14.99 per month, will feature over 100 games on Android tablets and phones. Game streaming will be limited initially to Android; iPhone and iPad users will have to wait.



The lack of support on iOS is disappointing to iPhone and iPad owners. However, their experiment is limited to you by the policies of the Apple App Store.

Microsoft has not revealed any Apple policies that prevent xCloud from launching on iOS. However, Google’s Stadia service is also not available on an iPhone or iPad. Apple has also faced questions over its 30 percent cut of in-app purchases and strict App Store policies from the House Judiciary Committee recently as part of a tech antitrust hearing.

xCloud will launch in 22 countries and next month, including Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

 Interestingly, the versions that will be published on the One Store in Korea and Galaxy Store for Samsung users will both include “in-app purchase capabilities,” according to Microsoft, suggesting that the Google Play Store version will not.

Microsoft has yet to detail all more than 100 games that will be available for game live streaming. But right now the company is providing a list of 36 upcoming titles.

Why is Microsoft leaving out Apple?

The company signed up 10,000 iOS testers in February 2020. However,  the company only provided one game for those users to test: Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Now, it appears that testing will end without an official iOS launch.

Games can be released for an iOS device, but they are also subject to Apple’s application guidelines.

This will include “submitting each game to be evaluated, appearing in the search chart”. That basically means that since xCloud offers over 100 Xbox One and Windows games that are not being submitted to Apple for review, that keeps the xCloud app off the iPhone and iPad, at least for now.

xCloud = Android Exclusive (for now)

Players get the benefit of playing more than 100 games they normally can’t play on their phones. That includes new titles from Microsoft’s Xbox Game Studios.

Will you be paying $ 15 a month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to stream games, via xCloud, on your Android phone or tablet?

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10 Of The Most Relaxing Games For Android

10 Of The Most Relaxing Games For Android

A lot of people play the game for their excitement and passion. However, not everyone plays because of that, sometimes people just want to relax their mind after a day. And this will be the Relaxing Games that are a super chill list.

  1. Brain Test – Draw Physics Line

 In the first step, use your brain to dissect the situation.

 In the second step, use your one finger to doodle the line. This line is the road to bring food to the dinosaurs.

The last step, drive the truck, go to the Dino, keep the food in front of Dino’s place for three seconds. Congratulations!!! You have successfully brought the delicious food for baby Dino

2. Mr. Shoot – Escape From Matrix

You have to escape from all stages of the matrix by taking down the enemies hindering you. Just take your weapon, aim the enemies, and shoot to kill them.

You have to aim and shoot the enemies smartly because your bullets are limited. Try to kill them all in the least shoot as possible to have more chance of escaping from the matrix.

In this survival game, you also have to take down all the enemies and escape from the matrix in time, before the agent finds and kills you.

Notice the time! You must take down all the enemies in the Matrix before the time’s up.

3. Nonstop Hill Racing

 Are you looking for a unique funny racing game? Try to face the challenges of unique hill climbing environments with many different vehicles and true master racer in the Best Nonstop Hill Racing for Android

Join the climbing race with our humor friends and be a master racer in one of the most fun racing games in 2019.

Nonstop Hill Racing 2019 is the latest version of the physical hill-climbing race game for Android.

Nonstop Hill Racing will let you show all of your skills in control the vehicles to lead your racer to the destination in the physical hill climbing race. It’s simple to control the vehicles but too hard to keep it in balance and not to fall.

Challenge yourself in various levels with Nonstop Hill Racing game and be a hill-climbing master in Climbing Race.

4. Cat Jumping

Tap or hold to build the egg towers to get past obstacles.

Perfect landing to reach the Perfect mode. When you land perfectly 3 times, you will be activated special mode.

Try on many funny characters with different styles to find the character that best suits your style.

The obstacles will suddenly appear. Respond quickly to unexpected situations and overcome all obstacles to win.

Build the egg towers to get past obstacles and avoid stone along the way.

Keep your head clear and hands flexible to get a high score with Kitten Up: Nyan Cat Rush – Kitten Runner.

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10 best kids apps for Android to keep your kids entertained!


The Chinese phone maker should be prepared for the worst

The next step in the US-China trade war is imminent. The US government confirmed its plans this week to take action against so-called “untrustworthy” Chinese manufacturers and apps.

The Trump administration has not said exact actions will be taken other than announcing it will prevent these anonymous manufacturers from providing US-made apps to download or pre-install them. 


The term “unreliable” is extremely broad, but it would be a warning to all Chinese smartphone manufacturers taking backup measures now.

All the rhetoric so far is strangely reminiscent of the language the US government used before it took action against another famous Chinese brand not long ago.

The US versus Huawei bans became famous around the world behind in mid-2019. In a shocking incident, Huawei got on the US Entity List.

That means some US companies and companies with US-sourced technology are not allowed to freely do business with the Shenzhen giant.

The same series of sanctions restrictions can easily affect other Android brands from China, and they need to be prepared to face the same challenges, or possibly much worse.

US-China trade war: Bad for Huawei, much worse for others

One of the most important companies forced to cut ties with Huawei is Google. The subsequent loss of Google Play Services was certainly a blow to the Chinese brand.

None of its recent phones and tablets offer pre-installed Google apps, the Play Store, or a critical set of Play Services used by first-party and third-party apps.

The company’s position in the global market remains solid but largely held up by homegrown sales in China, where Google is not a factor.

This same fate will likely await many Chinese smartphone manufacturers if the US decides that all Chinese brands are “unreliable”.

From OnePlus and TCL to Oppo and Xiaomi, the vague language used by the Trump administration means no brand is safe.


One way to minimize the potential impact of losing Google is to submit devices for Google certification as soon as possible. This is not a sure way to beat US sanctions and it is essentially delaying the inevitable.

But that means Chinese OEMs could establish a solid portfolio of new and upcoming devices with Google services in anticipation of being banned.

Another solution that may be less desirable is for affected manufacturers to rebrand their existing devices.

However, this option is more like repainting a house than renovating it. Sure, the new paint looks great, but the house is still the same. The end consumer will become wiser.

However, the U.S. trade ban on Chinese smartphone makers isn’t simply losing Google’s version of Android. It’s also that access to the kind of hardware that forms the basis of a lot of Android devices is also at risk.

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Get iPhone 11 Pro Max for free from Verizon.

Get iPhone 11 Pro Max for free from Verizon

We might be the Android Authority, but it’s hard to deny the quality that Apple’s iPhones deliver. From a well-integrated ecosystem to a simple iOS.

Anyone can choose an Apple product and learn how to use it quickly. Here are some of the best iPhone deals we can find to help you avoid the so-called Apple Tax.

There are many different ways to save when you get a new iPhone, and we’ve tried to cover them all. We have some unlocked deals, some carrier deals, and even some refurbished options to choose from.

All deals are held over the phone so you can choose your specifications before choosing a price.


iPhone offers 11

The iPhone 11 is Apple‘s flagship device for an affordable price, and it’s a solid choice for most people. It packs the company’s latest A13 Bionic chip and up to 256GB of storage.

The iPhone 11 is also one of the most affordable ways to get set up from Apple. If you’re determined to let your phone match your other tech, the iPhone 11 will come in six unique colors.


Offer iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

For those of you who prefer larger phones or want a triple-camera system, the iPhone 11 Pro could be your best choice. Apple’s premium flagship has a 5.8-inch Pro version as well as a 6.5-inch Pro Max version.

The iPhone 11 Pro not only adds a telephoto lens, but it also upgrades from an LCD screen to an OLED so your images look stunning before and after the moment.

While the internal devices are mostly identical to the iPhone 11, Pro and Pro Max come in four luxurious colors. You can choose from silver, gold, Space Gray, or Midnight-Green – the best colors in the group.


Transaction iPhone SE

Apple has brought back the iPhone SE in a big way. Not only does it pack the latest A13 Bionic chip, but the all-new iPhone SE starts at just $ 399.

This budget-friendly iPhone ditches FaceID to switch to a physical fingerprint reader, and the classic look is back.

While the iPhone SE has only one rear camera, it’s a powerful 12MP shooter. The front-facing camera has increased from 1.3 to 7MP, a huge improvement over the original. It comes in red, black, and white with up to 256GB of storage.

iPhone XS deals

The iPhone 11 family may be Apple’s newest and greatest product, but the iPhone X family is far from obsolete. An upgrade over the original iPhone X, the XS, and its siblings bring improvements in battery life and more.

The iPhone XS goes back a step with the A12 Bionic chip, but it still retains a glass back for wireless charging, and a dual-camera built for portrait mode and other effects.

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Great Apps Only Available On Android.

15 Best PDF Reader Apps For Android!



Python vs Java: Which language should you learn and what’s the difference?

Both Python and Java regularly top the list of most requested programming languages among employers. These are powerful, flexible, and object-oriented languages commonly used in organizations and many other types of installations.

This may lead you to the inevitable question: which is better? Which one should I learn? This is a complicated question since the two languages are actually quite different. So keep reading and we will unravel the question about Python and Java to see which one is best for you.


Structure & design


Python and Java are both considered “object-oriented” programming languages. This means that they allow developers to create data objects through classes.

While this is a complex concept for beginners, it allows for very efficient and well-designed code generation. Classes are modular and allow very extensible programs to do a lot with less code.

But if you’re still wondering how data can be an “object”, then you’ve got the first problem with object-oriented programming: it’s confusing for beginners!


That’s why many people like the fact that Python also “supports multiple models”. This means you can generate the required function/command code that is read from top to bottom, making it much easier to understand.

It also makes Python very fast for developers who just want to create a quick application in a few lines to do a useful job.

Readability & Whitespace

This lack of required paradigm makes Python more beginner-friendly and more flexible, but also with lots of syntax decisions. 

Large semicolon. In Java, you could write a nice program that is millions of lines long but it won’t work because you forgot to add the semicolon! No matter what your experience is, this will always happen.

That said, while it might seem annoying, restrictions like these force you to write well-organized code and can avoid confusion.

Furthermore, other programming languages are similarly rigorous in terms of their grammar and structure. That means Java is generally better at preparing developers to work with other languages, such as C # which is very similar.


The other differences are largely aesthetic: Python prefers solid_case for functions and variables, while Java uses camelCase.

Overall, a Python page is much less difficult and reads a bit more like English. Java can be denser to wrap your head around, especially if you’re new to programming. But there is often a method of insanity.

Static vs Dynamic

This means that when you declare a variable in Java – a word that represents a piece of data – you need to describe what that type of variable is. It can be a “string”, an integer or a real number.

In Python, you don’t have to decide what type of variable you’re using right away.

Likewise, function arguments can be passed to any object. All of this “Duck Typing” makes Python very convenient and easy to use.


However, this can sometimes make the code more confusing to the casual observer and can lead to errors unless it has been correctly commented upon.

Translation vs Interpreter

Python is an “interpreted language”. That means you will install an interpreter on your machine to read and understand Python code.

It also means that for anyone else to use your code, they’ll need to install an interpreter too. You cannot easily create an executable and then send it to your friends/buyers.

This is both a strong point and a weakness of Python. Rather, to build anything for commercial use, you’ll need to rely on external tools and difficult to use processes.

However, that also means that Python is the ideal solution to put something together quickly for your personal use. You can add Python to your PATH or run Python applications right from CMD/terminal without having to go through lengthy compilation stages.

Whereas, technically, Java is interpreted and compiled. Java will be compiled first, but the target machine will need the JVM to run the code.

As a result, Java code is usually more portable, but you may still need to take a few steps to be able to use it. As is the case with building Android apps!

Which is easier for a beginner?

If the above isn’t clear, then Python, in general, is much easier for a beginner. Python makes sense even for those who don’t know what a “Class” is, and it has a simple and neat layout that gives you plenty of room to breathe.

Python is often used as the first programming language to teach programming concepts, so it’s handy as it’s versatile enough to be useful outside of the classroom too! In many ways, Python is BASIC new. In simple terms, Python vs Java is a no-brainer.


That said, Java‘s limitations and hassles aren’t just for entertainment. They can be helpful for getting into good habits early on, and they can prepare a developer for the rest of a career.

At the end of the day, if you are interested in learning for the sake of learning, Python is a better place to start. But it will depend on your ultimate goal. 

For What?

What could your ultimate goal be when learning either of these languages?

As mentioned, Python‘s “interpreted” nature means that it cannot be easily used to write commercial programs that you share and sell. It is slower than the compiled languages and not easily exported.

This means Python is generally not used for mobile application development, game development, desktop software building, and more.

However, the great thing about Python is that it writes a fast code that performs useful functions. This makes it a popular internal tool among many security companies, data analytics firms, and more.

Another popular use for Python is to build web applications. With Python code actually running “server-side” then that means it runs on a server containing files including a web page.


Since Python is installed on the server, users don’t need to worry about whether they have Python installed on their machine: they just need to see the output.

Hence, Python powers many of the biggest brands on the web. These include Instagram, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Dropbox, and many others.

Meanwhile, Java is used to develop a number of desktop and mobile applications. Java used to be the primary language used for Android development until Google announced that Kotlin would be the top choice in the future. However, Java is still officially supported and is still used by a large number of organizations.

Java is generally popular in large organizations, as it is supported by many frameworks and libraries, is very fast, very secure, and works on multiple platforms. Java also has the advantage of being around for a long time – and big companies don’t like change!

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Virginia launches first COVID-19 app in the US based on Apple and Google tech

Virginia launched a COVID-19 app that launched on Wednesday after the Apple-Google partnership was announced.

COVID-19 app

The technology that can assist in trace tracking still requires hiring thousands of followers. In some states like New York, contact tracers can make about $ 57,000 per year and earn benefits.

Contact display and tracking technology are considered to be an important part of a country’s strategy. However, low adoption and unclear efficiency in some countries have reduced enthusiasm for the application.

Virginia’s Covidwise app, like all apps that use the Apple-google framework, uses a Bluetooth signal to determine the distance and length of time two phones are together, without the need for a location or the identity of the person. use. Then, if one of the mobile phone users results positive for COVID -19, the system will notify all close contacts. Thereby, the source of infection can be identified and tested and quarantined.

Virginia paid SpringML $ 229,000 to develop the COVID-19 app, and it was campaigned by the CARES act, Stover said.

Other states in the US have released similar apps. As in Utah, the location-based method was used for the determination. Apple and Google also said they will shut down the system when the pandemic ends.

In Germany, the App called Corona-Warn was downloaded more than 16 million times by the end of July out of a total population of 82 million. In France, Bluetooth is not supported so only 14 people were notified of using the app for the first three weeks.

Canada and a number of countries in Europe and elsewhere have already rolled out apps using the technology, but a June Business Insider report found that only three U.S. states had confirmed plans to use the technology, Alabama, South Carolina and North Dakota, and 17 states said they were against building contact-tracing apps entirely.

One problem with COVID-19 App is that it will be effective when the majority of the population installs and lets them work properly. One study found that 60% of the population needs to install apps to stop viruses. They estimate that for every one to two people who use the app, you are likely to reduce infection by one.

Virginia plans to strongly advertise this app. For the best defense against a pandemic.


Top Game Mobile 2020 – Most Popular Mobile Games

Great Apps Only Available On Android

10 best kids apps for Android to keep your kids entertained!

Currently, the use of smartphones and tablets with children is very popular. how to choose age-appropriate apps. Let’s take a look at the best kids apps for Android.

  1. ABC Kids

Price: Free

ABC Kids is an educational application. It focuses mainly on phonetics, learning alphabets, and writing. The interface is easy to use, the colors are eye-catching. This is an app with no in-app purchases, no ads, and free download. This is one of the best kids’ apps. It’s simple for older kids.

2. Bubble Milk Tea Shop

best kids apps

Price: Free

This is a game with many colors. Suitable for young children to entertain after stressful hours. give children moments of relaxation. You can practice your child’s color perception and creative thinking skills. This is a matching game where you can play with your child and make great suggestions for young children. This is a game suitable for children who love the creativity with colors.

3. Gang Smasher 3D

best kids apps

Price: Free

This is a game suitable for boys, adorable challenges, full of challenges to destroy enemies.

Simple game rules, giving you excitement in each challenge. Let us know how you feel about this game.

4. Intellijoy kids apps

Price: Free / Varies

You’ll find apps for reading, counting, shapes, music, animals, puzzles, preschool, and a lot more. Most apps have good reviews and most of them are free.

However, some programs must be purchased. This is a great stopover for educational courses. You can study while playing with your child. This application may include many other applications.

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10 Best Translation Apps For Android!


15 Best PDF Reader Apps For Android!

You want the most convenient PDF reader. Can create PDF format and reading e-books. We have compiled a selection of the best PDF viewer on Android for both. You can also check out the best PDF reader apps on other platforms by clicking here!

PDF readers can also entertain you. The app helps you to support different chapters, reading modes, scroll modes, and various similar features. This list is PDF reader apps for both categories.

  1. PDF File: PDF Viewer & PDF Reader For Android

PDF Reader

PDF Reader For Android is a free and reliable app for your device. ️The application has a simple interface and makes it easy to PDF reader free or manage PDF documents on your phone. Download PDF Reader!!!️

The PDF reader app will automatically update the PDF files in the device. All PDF files downloaded in one app. PDF reader extension will be sorted by name, date, so you can easily manage.

We’ve made a fast, reliable PDF reader app. Read Online Epub Reader for free without limits!

2. 2020 PDF Drive: Offline PDF Reader, Pro PDF Viewer

PDF Reader

 A PDF document was sent to you. Don’t worry‼️ Now you can easily open PDF files anytime and anywhere with Offline PDF Reader. ️

Now, you will never miss any important document in the future!

Easily open your PDF files:

Choose “open with 2020 PDF Drive as a PDF viewer tool.

Or open 2020 PDF Drive and tap to open the PDF file you need.

Offline PDF Reader will find all PDF files in your device and manage them in the PDF Drive app.

3. PDF Reader: PDF File & PDF Viewer

PDF Reader Apps

PDF Reader free can help you to easily manage, and open PDF file combiner on your phone. View and search all PDF Files with PDF reader for android.

PDF reader download free and simple but powerful tool to view all PDF files everywhere.

With PDF reader extension, you can access the document viewer, select documents, enter the desired number of pages, PDF File Reader will automatically go to that page.

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10 Best Translation Apps For Android!

Improve Your Phone’s Sound: Volume Booster Apps And More

10 Best Translation Apps For Android!

Translation apps are very important and indispensable application in life. When people travel or work in new lands, you will not understand the local language. Let us help you with this.

Integrate applications into your smartphone, making applications convenient for you in any case.

The convenience of this application in your life. Let us show you the best apps available today.

Multi-Language Translator: Translate Voice & Text

Best Translation Apps

Smart Translator app will also have an ability to translate via voice & text. Smart Translator is best to translate texts and messages fast on your device. With this language translator app, you will not have any communication problems. In this Smart Translator 2020, you just have to simply type the word or sentence in it which you want to translate. 

After that select your own superior language in which you want to translate your text and press the “Translate” button. The free language translator app will translate it into your favorite language. We also enhance a great feature of speak to translate in which you can speak your messages or words and it will be written on the search bar. After that, all country pro Smart Translator will do its work & translate it in that language you want. Free Translation app is available free and easily on play store.

2. Language Translator – Free Global Translation


Easy translator with Multi-Language Translator – Free Global Translation. All Language Translator applications are a free learning tool.

Voice Translator, Text translator – All allow to speak and translate between multiple languages. Translate easily in more than 100 languages.

The global translation is the best tool for travelers. Free translator app is especially helpful when you’re out of the country or in a place where you don’t know the local language or somewhere abroad.

3. Global Translation – Multi-Language Translator

Translation Apps

Global Translation – Multi-Language Translator is a translate app Android that supports you translate languages easily and fast. The smart translation is also functional as a true dictionary book in which you can translate languages easily and propitiously. If you are a student or a person loves traveling and discovering then the translation tool will help you a lot to learn languages.

You want to travel to another country, but you don’t know the language. You need to translate documents but you don’t know what does each word means? All you do is typing text or speaking the speech in the translator app.

4.  Language Translator: Translate English To Korean


Online Language Translator – Translate English To Korean

It is indeed a useful application for today’s life when the demand for international exchanges is increasing. You can easily chat with people from other countries even though you do not know the language of that country. Free Voice Translation 2020: Translate Voice To Text – Translate English To Arabic will help you break all language barriers.

Now you will not need to worry when traveling abroad, working with foreign partners, or studying in an international environment because Translate All Languages: Interpreter Translator – Translate English To Korean will help you solve all these problems.

5. Language Translator: Voice Translator, Interpreter

Translation Apps

Voice To Text – Language Translator is a useful mobile app for users who frequently are in the need of translation and meaning of all languages of the world. At the same time, Voice Translator for free – Translate To English app offers the online dictionary facility to users around the world. 

Free Translation – Translate All Language promptly will catch your voice and will translate it into the desired language. All language-related features have been accumulated in this Voice Translator – Speak And Translate app. 

Voice To Text – Voice Translator app is efficient to recognize and swiftly convert it into your desired language. Speak And Translate app – Translate To English app meet the needs of all kinds of voice translations, language interpretation, and dictionary needs.

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