How To Receive Trials Of The Imposters Free Rewards In Fortnite

The Trials of the Imposters from Season 7 of the Battle Pass from Fortnite Chapter 2 published on Wednesday, August 25. Above all, this is a small event focused on the mode Impostores from Fortnite, thanks to which users can get rewards for free in this game. Here are information of the trials:

Fortnite: How To Receive Free Prizes With Trials Of The Imposters

To get receive rewards thanks to Impostors Trials event, users must do the following:

– Let’s go to the website of the Impostors Trials.
– Log in with Epic Games account.
– With the session started, the web will already tell users progress. To get badges, users must play games in Impostors Mode. Every two games users play to will get a badge.
– There are 3 rewards in total, and to get them all, user must get a total of eleven badges. This is achieved by playing 22 games of Impostor Mode.

How To Receive Trials Of The Imposters Free Rewards In Fortnite

In addition, when it comes to getting the prizes, only this games played in Impostors mode will count from our registration on the Trials Of The Impostors website. This games that user have played previously will not count.

Similarly, the Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass Season 7 Trials Of The Imposters free prizes are as follows:

– 1 insignia: Thermocephalus graffiti
– 6 insignias: Smiley Let it be between us
– 11 insignias: Spectral Flex wrap


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Fortnite Superman Skin: How to get him

For the foreseeable future you got the best opportunity to kill The Man of Steel with a sniper rifle. And especially, Superman is now playable in Fortnite. Are you ready for Fortnite Superman skin?

Fornite Superman skins

On Tuesday, Epic Games released new Superman skins and cosmetics. It let players drop onto the island as Clark Kent/Kal-El himself and earn a slew of super-rewards as part of Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass.

The Superman-themed rewards include Daily Planet back bling, a Fortress of Solitude-inspired pickax, and the chance to play Fortnite Superman as the ultimate hero: a journalist.


Here’s a peek at what Fortnite players can earn in the game’s new alien invasion-themed battle pass (and how to unlock it all):

Complete 1 quest from Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy
Unlocks the Call to Action Emoticon.
Complete 3 quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy
Unlocks the Superman Shield Spray
Complete 5 quests from Clark Kent, Armored Batman, or Beast Boy
Unlocks the Clark Kent Outfit
Glide through 3 rings as Clark Kent
Unlocks the Daily Planet Back Bling
Use a phone booth as Clark Kent
Superman’s powers return — suit up as Superman
Complete Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 Epic Quests to earn new rewards, including the “Shadow” alt Style for Clark Kent, Superman, and the set’s accessories. In order, the Superman rewards unlocked this way are:

Kal-El’s Cape Glider
A Superman Banner
The Last Son of Krypton loading screen
The Solitude Striker Pickaxe
The Shadow variant for Clark Kent, the Daily Planet Back Bling (the “Late Edition”), the Superman Cape Back Bling, and the Solitude Striker Pickaxe

It’s a big week for superheroes in Fortnite. In addition to Superman, Fortnite players can now get their battle royale on as Ariana Grande and, soon, as Gamora from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.


Facebook build an immersive digital world known as the METAVERSE

On Monday, Facebook assembles team to combine specialists from across its gaming, hardware and virtual reality units. They build an immersive digital world. Sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson named it “metaverse”.

Metaverse consults to a shared online world. Users can spend money, hang out, consume media and potentially even work. CEO Mark Zuckerberg consider this project as central to Facebook’s future.

Andrew Bosworth, Facebook executive, stated in a post that they’re standing up a Metaverse product group to bring together the teams focused on building this ambitious work.

Facebook build an immersive digital world known as the METAVERSE

Facebook build an immersive digital world known as the METAVERSE
Facebook build an immersive digital world known as the METAVERSE

According to Bosworth, Facebook hardware such as Oculus virtual reality head gear and Portal smart-screens are really helpful. They are tools for making people feel close together despite being far apart. A new Metaverse Product Group will be led by Vishal Shah from the Instagram team.

In addition, The US company behind video game sensation Fortnite, Epic Games proclaimed it raised $1 billion in new funding early this year. Some of that money will support its vision of the metaverse.

Fortnite, one of the hit video games have seen use soar. Their creators see potential to expand to virtual parties, get-togethers or work events. It’s indeed a potential in this pandemic.


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New Fortnite Challenges: Where are The Highest And Lowest Spots On The Map?

New set of challenges is coming in Fortnite. Some interesting challenges this week as players race to finish out their battle pass before what does not appear to be an extended season for once comes to an end. And this week, one challenge is to dance at the highest and lowest spots on the map.

We had this challenge before in the old chapter 1 map but things have change in the chapter 2 map. So, where are you supposed to be dancing to complete the challenge? Let’s taka a look on a map of the two locations, with more details below:

Fortnite Challenges

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The Highest Spot

Fortnite Challenges

You might easily able to guess where the highest point is on the map, one of the snowy mountains in the south. You can kind of see which mountain is the tallest out of all of them while dropping. That would be marked by a flag on the peak directly south of Catty Corner, and usually spawning with a chest. If multiple people land there, you might let everyone else dance while you grabing the chest to secure your own safety. Then kill them, at least.

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The Lowest Spot

Fortnite Challenges

Can you figure what location would it be in your head now? Do you know any deep pits on this map? No rocket silos in the Chapter 2 map or anything. But there is one place that is quite literally below sea level. That would be Coral Castle. You need to land there and go inside the main castle structure. Once there, you will find a pool with a pillar in the middle. Hack down the pillar and you can dance on the platform that stands there. I’m not sure if dancing anywhere in this room counts, or if it has to be that exact spot, but I would do that just to be safe.

We give you some hints about your highest and lowest points on the map to complete new Fortnite challenges. They are not particularly close to one another so I do not imagine you will be able to get this done in a single match. But you don’t need to, as that is not one of the requirements. You can do this challenge pretty easily. So if you need the XP or if you need 60 weekly challenges to get the Logan variant of the Wolverine skin, this is probably one you should be working on.

Fortnite season 4 – Chapter 2 is coming to town

Despite all the drama, Fortnite is still a live service game, and fans still expect new content. Season 3 of the game’s second chapter is coming to a close soon, and for some time, fans worried that Season 4 wouldn’t appear due to the legal battles between Epic Games and Apple. Fortunately, it was confirmed not long after the controversy began that Fortnite Season 4 will be coming as scheduled on August 27th. Thanks to an in-game comic book starring beloved Marvel hero Thor, it looks like the new season will have a strong emphasis on Marvel characters. Further details, however, will be unavailable until the season officially begins.

Fortnite season 4 is coming

Where can we get Fortnite season 4?

The new Fortnite Season 4 update is coming on August 27th, which is when Fortnite season 3 will end. The fun kicks off once the v14.00 update is available for download. Season 4 will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Android and Nintendo Switch. Players on iOS devices, on the other hand, may not be able to play the new season when it starts, as explained further below. 

What’s the theme for Fortnite’s new season?

One of the most notable Fortnite leakers, HYPEX, in the run-up to the Fortnite season 4 has rounded up plenty of leaked details that fans need to know in one single, handy tweet.

It appears Epic is rekindling its relationship with Marvel for season 4, according to Friday’s tweet. In a post online the Fortnite leaker revealed details on the Battle Pass skins, which will include a Wolverine skin, as well as teasing the arrival of a Thor POI in season 4.

This is definitely not the first time Fortnite has featured Marvel heroes. The battle royale game had special limited-time modes featuring Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet as a tie-in to the release of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. Another partnership with the comic company was in season 2, when Deadpool was the secret Battle Pass skin.

Watch more: New Marvel Comic Book in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

Is it able to play the new season of Fortnite on iOS and Android?

Because of the legal actions taking place, iOS or macOS users are not able to download Fortnite or any updates to the game if they already have it installed on their device. Epic confirmed this Wednesday with an update on its blog.

This has led to people attempting to sell iPhones with Fortnite installed for thousands of dollars on eBay. Epic did seek a temporary restraining order to conduct business as normal while the legal battle continues, but Apple filed a legal response saying Epic can come back only after it plays by the rules. A court hearing on the matter is planned for next week.

As for Android players, they can still install Fortnite on their devices. The only difference is they need to download the game directly from Epic or via the Samsung Galaxy Store rather than the Google Play Store.

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