Top 5 Best Android Games January 2021

On the Google Play Store there are millions of exciting games to choose from. But besides the quality games, there are many games that are not well optimized. So today we are going to gather 5 Best Android Games in January 2021 that you must definitely try. Let’s take a look at each of the Top 5 Best Android Games January 2021 games one by one.

1. Save Lady Episode Is The Best Android Games January 2021

Save Lady Episode - The best android games
This is a interesting game. Save Lady Episode create a love story. You will explore the love story through each level. Choose the correct answer to win the levels. If you choose wrong. Don’t be sad. Interesting situations will not disappoint
Each level in the game will show you a story that you will have to use your IQ to solve. You must solve the funny challenge correctly to save the lady. If you get it wrong, the lady might end up dying.

2. Mosquito

Mosquito is one of the great flying puzzle games. Instead of killing mosquitoes like you would in real life, you have to help them get out. How to play the game? Well, you must turn on the lights and avoid mosquitoes from running into objects and solving puzzles.

The game include unique and challenging puzzles. You can also decorate your garden by unlocking different decorations. You can also make the mosquito look funky by customizing it with hats and kinds of stuff. NOTE: Mosquito is in development and in beta

3. Badminton Blitz

If you can’t play this sport in your real life, don’t worry because Bad Badminton Blitz has you covered. You can either start the game and play it in a 3-minute online PVP badminton game or join the badminton world by a storm. You can also connect with your social media accounts and play with friends. The game is very well optimized with stunning 3D graphics and the ultimate engaging atmosphere of a simulator world like never before.

Badminton Blitz

You can create, upgrade and level up your own character to top the professional badminton sports rankings. You can further customize your equipment and, importantly, equip it with the best racket. You can assemble the strongest club by joining the fight and winning together. You can also compete with other online players in real time and upgrade your racquet and character.

4. Rescue Wings

Rescue Wings lets you take to the skies with planes ranging from cool to crazy: Rocket fuelled jets, stealth bombers, UFO’s, and even a propeller toting avocado!

Scruffy the dog has taken up the firefighters’ call! Take a nostalgic trip through the beautiful great outdoors as you cruise through the sky in this thrilling forest rescue. Fill your water tank to the brim by diving into lakes and tackle deadly forest fires as you duck, weave, and soar through narrow caves and endless skies! Be a hero! Save the forest!

5. Hustle Castle Is The Last Of Best Android Games List

Welcome to the medieval kingdom simulator! Become the lord and master of a real medieval castle! Accept new characters, assign them to their duties and manage the king’s shelter!

Hustle Castle

All day long your scribes scratch their heads with quills, treasurers spill coins on the floor and blacksmiths drop anvils on their feet for the sake of your prosperity! Prepare true specialists, become wealthy and influential! Build a dating room and watch your subjects have children who’ll soon grow up and serve you too!

Play the medieval RPG Simulator online, attack your friends and become the one and only king of the medieval kingdom!
Let’s get playing!


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Top New Games Releasing On Switch, PS4, Xbox One, And PC This Week — August 23-29, 2020

New Games Releasing this week: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition

New Games Releasing date: August 27th

Available on: PS4, Switch, iOS, Android

New Games Releasing this week
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Remastered Edition

After a delay, this GameCube remaster is just a few weeks away. The re-release has better graphics, new music arrangements, and even some additional dungeons. What’s more, there will be a demo on day one that’ll let you explore three full dungeons with players who own the full game.

New Games Releasing this week: Surgeon Simulator 2

Release date: August 27th

Available on: PC

New Games Releasing this week
Surgeon Simulator 2

The goofball surgery sim is back, and this time you can play it in co-op. That means up to four surgeons running around and making a mess of medical procedures. Additionally, the sequel lets you move about the entire hospital, so you’ll have to track down the tools and other items you need for each surgery.

New Games Releasing this week: Tell Me Why: Chapter One

Release date: August 27th

Available on: Xbox One, PC

Tell Me Why: Chapter One
Tell Me Why: Chapter One

Life Is Strange developer Dontnod is back with another narrative adventure game. It stars twins Alyson and Tyler, dealing with childhood memories as they return home. Tyler, a transgender man, has transitioned prior to the twins’ return home, and the game will explore his childhood and the lead-up to his decision to do so. You’ll have your own decisions to make, too: you choose which of the twins’ memories to embrace, changing the outcome of the story.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Release date: August 27th

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch

Captain Tsubasa
Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions

Captain Tsubasa is for both sports and manga fans, since it’s based on the Shonen Jump soccer series. As with any soccer game, your goal is to score goals and defend your own net. But it wouldn’t be Captain Tsubasa without letting you pull off tons of over-the-top super moves on the field.

Madden NFL 21

Release date: August 28th

Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC

Madden NFL 21
Madden NFL 21

It’s that time of year again. This 2020 Madden game’s big new feature is the Skill stick, which lets you chain together special moves on both offense and defense. If you can’t wait any longer, good news: Madden 21 can be played right now.

They’re not featured in this episode of New Releases, but you can also get your hands on Wasteland 3 and Project Cars 3 this week. Both launch on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on August 28. The next episode of New Releases will take a look at some of the biggest games of September, including Marvel’s Avengers and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.

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10 Best NEW Android Games From July 2020

Every month there are millions of new titles on Google Play. How to choose the game that suits you. Check out the best new Android games this month. You can view 100 Best Android Utility Apps by clicking here.

  1. Nonstop Hill Racing

You are interested in unique fun racing games. Join the Climbing race with our funny friends and become a master race stay. With this game, you will show your skills in controlling the vehicles. Challenge yourself with many different levels in the game. and become a hill-climbing master in this race.

There are 9 different vehicles for you to choose from. Dozens of mountainous terrain will challenge you. Upgrade your car so the race is more dramatic. Overcoming all obstacles to a safe destination. With the conquest maps constantly changing, you can hardly predict the direction. Play is very simple but gives a hard feeling to give up. Try Now!

2. Escape From Matrix

Did you know The Matrix movie? This game is adapted from that movie, Neo will lead you to this survival game to escape the matrix. Use your brain to solve puzzles and find a way to defeat all the enemies that hinder you. Otherwise, you will be killed. You have to target your opponents intelligently using the bullets we provide. Use as little bullets as possible.

Each level has a different difficulty level. You need to use your creative intelligence to make reasonable choices. This is a simple and stimulating shooter for you. Best New Android Games

3. Save the lady

Help the girl escape all dangerous situations. The simple game only has 2 options to choose from. But which option to choose depends on your thinking. The puzzles are not too difficult but they are not easy to choose.

You need to make quick decisions to rescue the girl. Because the girl is always in dangerous situations. Each level, you will have different solutions based on logical thinking. Join us to save the lady !!!


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