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10 Best NEW Android Games From July 2020

Every month there are millions of new titles on Google Play. How to choose the game that suits you. Check out the best new Android games this month. You can view 100 Best Android Utility Apps by clicking here.

  1. Nonstop Hill Racing

You are interested in unique fun racing games. Join the Climbing race with our funny friends and become a master race stay. With this game, you will show your skills in controlling the vehicles. Challenge yourself with many different levels in the game. and become a hill-climbing master in this race.

There are 9 different vehicles for you to choose from. Dozens of mountainous terrain will challenge you. Upgrade your car so the race is more dramatic. Overcoming all obstacles to a safe destination. With the conquest maps constantly changing, you can hardly predict the direction. Play is very simple but gives a hard feeling to give up. Try Now!

2. Escape From Matrix

Did you know The Matrix movie? This game is adapted from that movie, Neo will lead you to this survival game to escape the matrix. Use your brain to solve puzzles and find a way to defeat all the enemies that hinder you. Otherwise, you will be killed. You have to target your opponents intelligently using the bullets we provide. Use as little bullets as possible.

Each level has a different difficulty level. You need to use your creative intelligence to make reasonable choices. This is a simple and stimulating shooter for you. Best New Android Games

3. Save the lady

Help the girl escape all dangerous situations. The simple game only has 2 options to choose from. But which option to choose depends on your thinking. The puzzles are not too difficult but they are not easy to choose.

You need to make quick decisions to rescue the girl. Because the girl is always in dangerous situations. Each level, you will have different solutions based on logical thinking. Join us to save the lady !!!


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