Dark Mode On Facebook’s Mobile App Is Being Tested Extensively

Facebook begun to publicly test the Dark Mode. Users will be able to look the Dark Theme option under the Settings & Privacy section. Alexandru Voica, Facebook’s EMEA Communications Manager, authenticated the news to engineer Jane Manchun Wong. Last week, Manchun Wong had posted a video in collaboration with the social media major informing that this feature will be rolled out to more users.

Above all, Dark Mode permits users to switch to a dark background. It’s better for battery consumption and reduces strain on the eyes as well. In other words, the dark theme already actives for some Android Facebook users. And after that, the latest version of the Facebook app from Google Play Store will have a dark theme to get for your Android phone. It is worth noting that the dark theme feature is already available for desktops and Facebook Lite app users. Similarly, Facebook’s other apps WhatsApp and Instagram already have a dark theme on both iOS and Android versions.

How to enable Dark Mode on the phone?

How to enable Dark Mode on the phone

– Touch on the three-dotted icon, which is located in the top right corner of the screen.
– Scroll down and select the “Settings & Privacy”.
– Find the “Dark Mode” option above the “Language” option and below the “Your Time on Facebook”.
– It will let to choose between On, Off, or System.

In addition, keep in mind that Facebook has done a full roll out for the Dark Theme on iOS but not everyone will see the feature just yet.



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Facebook Finally Rollout Dark Mode Feature On IOS

It has been 400 days since Apple first introduced dark mode in iOS 13. Dark Mode for Facebook finally appears to be rolling out for iOS users globally after months of delay and stop-start testing.

Dark Mode for Facebook app first surfaced in April and by June a small percentage of users had access to the setting. So we expected that the company was gradually rolling out the feature for testing purposes.

However, propagation has been glacially slow ever since, and it’s only in the last couple of days that more and more users report that they’re seeing the option under Settings & Privacy within the app’s Menu tab.

Check out your Facebook app now and try its new DarkMode:

Facebook Dark Mode1. Make sure that your Facebook app is the lastest version one.
2. In Facebook’s interface, tap menu tab (the three line on the bottom-right)
3. Tap <Setting & Privacy)
4. Look for new Dark Mode option
5. Turn it on to change the app to Dark Mode

Confirmation that ‌Dark Mode‌ is rolling out in earnest on iOS and Android came courtesy of app hacker Jane Manchun Wong, who made a video in collaboration with Facebook and shared it on Twitter.

On the Facebook’s website, ‌Dark Mode‌ has been available for a while now. Messenger and Instagram – the two Facebook’s app have long featured ‌‌Dark Mode‌‌. So it’s unclear why the company’s flagship app took longer to gain the feature.

Google’s Gmail app was the last major app to get ‌Dark Mode‌, following a similar patchy rollout beset by inconsistent functionality.

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Facebook Gaming Unveils A New Cloud Gaming Service For Mobile Games

Facebook Gaming Unveils A New Cloud Gaming Service For Free-To-Play Mobile Games

Amazon has Luna, Google has Stadia and now Facebook has its own cloud game service. But don’t expect to stream console and PC hits on Facebook Gaming’s cloud. When launched, it’s all about free-to-play, microtransaction-packed mobile games.

Facebook Gaming’s cloud gaming launched on October 27

Launched on October 27 in the United States in California, Northeast, Texas and mid-Atlantic states. Facebook’s cloud gaming offering is not a standalone service. Because, it is an addition to the vast array of browser-based social games already available to play on the social media platform. Visitors to the Facebook Gaming landing page and Android app in the beta testing areas will have access to a selection of mobile games. The list of game includes Asphalt 9: Legends, Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale, Mobile Legends: Adventure, WWE SuperCard and PGA TOUR Golf Shootout. Instead of playing natively or launching their own apps. These games will stream to your browser or Android app. Does not currently support iOS.

Facebook Gaming Unveils A New Cloud Gaming Service For Mobile Games

In the official announcement that you can read in full at Facebook Gaming. Facebook says it is not looking to surprise players with super-fast streaming or replace traditional gaming hardware.

Facebook Gaming is also releasing player names and avatars. It is a great news. Previous Facebook games used real names of players and Facebook profile pictures. They’re a bit more anonymous now. Moreover, the new player names will allow for cross-play between streaming games and apps easily.

Facebook is also using streaming technology to create cloud-playable ads. Stream actual games as ads instead of bad in-app ads you get in games on mobile. It represents absolutely no representation of the game they would like you to download.

Someone will ask: Why stream a free-to-play mobile game to the phone via the Facebook Gaming app instead of just download the app? But this will perfect feature for people who have older phones or don’t have a lot of storage space.

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Facebook Publishes New Messenger Update With Many Unique Features

Facebook officially released a new logo and a Messenger update. Most of these features integrated with Instagram Direct and Messenger connection.

This new Messenger update has many features which no messaging application will have. Some of the new features include customizable emoji response bar, collaborative video viewing, rooms for combined video chat, colour gradients in the theme and personalized stickers. These features are all available in Messengers new update.

The most important part of this new update is the unique Messenger logo. It is two colored and represents the future of messaging and a fun place for the users. It also tells people that you are close to people who live far away from you. For the past few years, the Messenger logo was only blue. This new update upgraded the logo as well and made it as per the taste of people.

Messenger Update Makes It Unique From Other Messaging Apps

Facebook Publishes New Messenger Update With Many Unique Features

The new update also includes updated chat themes like tie-dye and love. The users can also customize the theme as per their taste. A Facebook spokesperson said that around 10 million people customize their themes every day and set it as per choice. Facebook made this easier for the users to change the themes with this new update.

This is not it, many new features like selfie stickers and vanish modes are also launching soon to make Messenger a fun app for the users. All together all these new features of messenger have blessed the users during the pandemic. These features are enough for the users. This new update is the moment to reflect instead of a shift as all the updates are benefiting the users.



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Facebook Messenger Merges with Instagram DMs

To make it easier than ever to slide into someone’s DMs on Instagram when using Facebook Messenger, Facebook and Instagram are merging their messaging services, allowing for cross-platform communication.

To bring the best of Facebook Messenger to Instagram DMs, they will allow users on both platforms to seamlessly connect with each other.

10 new features are coming to Instagram DMs besides cross-platform messaging.

Users can choose to delay the update to a later time or update immediately.

You’ll see the following prompt upon opening Instagram if you’re eligible for the update.

If you choose to update now, here’s more about the new features and the changes you can expect

Facebook Messenger

Upcoming Features on Instagram Direct Messaging

These are some new features you will get Instagram DMs:

  • Messaging Across App: Connect with people seamlessly across DM and Messenger by using either app to send messages or join video calls.
  • Watch Together: During a video call, you can enjoy watching videos on FB Watch, IGTV, Reels, movies, TV shows and more with other users.
  • Vanish Mode: After they’re seen or when you close the chat when you choose this mode, seen messages disappear.
  • Selfie Stickers: Creative with your selfie to a series of boomerang stickers to react to messages.
  • Chat Colors: Customize your chats with color gradients.
  • Custom Emoji Reactions: Create a shortcut of your favorite emojis to use quickly in conversation.
  • Forwarding: Easily share content with up to five friends or groups at once.
  • Replies: Respond directly to a specific message in your conversation and keep it flowing.
  • Animated Message Effects: Add visual flair to a message with animated send effects.
  • Message Controls: Choose people who can message you directly or who can’t message you at all.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Blocking Updates: Report full conversations in addition to single messages. Receive proactive blocking suggestions across Instagram and Messenger when you add your accounts in the new Accounts Center.

Users can choose to utilize or not from the above new features. The main change to know of is who’s able to message you.

Now, people using Messenger can connect to you on Instagram without you downloading a new app, and vice versa.

You can find messages and calls from people using Instagram in the Instagram app.

Facebook says even more ways to connect will be added over time.

Some of these features will be available on Instagram first and come to Messenger after. Such as custom emoji reactions and selfie stickers.

Growth of Messaging on Instagram & Facebook

Facebook highlights how far messaging has come since it was first brought to Instagram.

Now, people send more than 100 billion messages to each other every day on Facebook’s family of apps alone.

Internal research from Facebook to who use messaging apps in the US. It finds out that four out of five of them say they’re important for spending more time with friends and family.

It will be even easier for people to stay connected and express themselves in new ways with the new update.

Facebook is going to roll out these new features on Instagram and Messenger around the world.

Though does say it will be expanded globally soon but a few countries will receive the update first.

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