To be Default iOS Search Engine, How Much Do Google Have To Pay Apple?

A lucrative deal between Apple and Google is in the United States Justice Department’s target. The deal itself is as part of one of the U.S. Government’s largest antitrust cases, reports The New York Times.

On Tuesday, the Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google. Claiming that the Mountain View-based company used anticompetitive and exclusionary practices in the search and advertising markets to maintain an unlawful monopoly.

In a 2017 agreement, Apple updated on its devices to keep Google’s search engine as the preselected option. The New York Times reports that Google pays Apple estimated 8 to 12 billion dollars per year in exchange for making its search engine as default on Apple devices and services. This might be the single Google’s biggest payment that it makes to anyone. And to Apple, it accounts for 14 to 21 percent of itss annual profits.


Apple and Google

The deal from Apple and Google is claimed that is representative of illegal tactics used to protect Google’s monopoly and stifle competition. According to the Justice Department, the traffic comes from Apple devices takes almost one half of Google’s search traffic; and the prospect of losing the agreement has been described as “terrifying” and a “code red” scenario within the company. Due to Google’s system of ads, search traffic is integral to its business model.

Apple is likewise coming under fire for facilitating anticompetitive behavior by acquiescing to the deal and extracting more money with regular renegotiations. Although the two companies are competitors in Silicon Valley; the agreement is to be part of “an unlikely union of rivals.”

The legal intervention poses a damage to a significant chunk of Apple’s revenue. But for Google, it is a bigger danger. Google seemingly have no way to replace the traffic it would lose. And may be, Apple will acquire or build its own search engine, which could in turn pose an even greater threat to Google.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 3,687 mAh battery according to regulatory filing

Apple launched its iPhone 12 series to the public recently and the pre-orders of the phones were already done last week. Today, we are going to talk about the iPhone 12 Pro Max and an aspect of it which is important for a lot of people. That is about the battery life which is directly dependent upon the battery capacity.

Every time a phone is launched, Apple says that its newest iPhone is bigger and better than ever before. This is true for every phone in the latest series but is definitely true for iPhone 12 Pro Max. However, there is at least one area where it is not better compared to iPhone 11 Pro Max. And that is in battery capacity.

iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 3,687 mAh battery according to regulatory filing

Apple does not reveal what the actual battery capacity in their latest phones in terms of mAh. But does tell us in percentages how much it is better compared to last year. Regulatory filings do tell us how much the battery capacity actually is inside the iPhones. And iPhone 12 Pro Max just passed regulatory filings which revealed the battery size of that phone. Reportedly, it has a 7% smaller battery compared to its last year’s counterpart.

iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 3,687 mAh battery

As far as actual numbers are concerned, the iPhone 11 Pro Max had a 3969 mAh battery whereas the iPhone 11 Pro Max has a 3687 mAh battery capacity. It means that the iPhone 11 Pro Max had a 4000 mAh battery while the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 3700 mAh one.

If the batteries are smaller than last year, it means that Apple feels confident with their processors. However, whether or not Apple could have given a 4000 mAh battery on the iPhone 12 Pro Max and included the 120Hz panel. Since the argument was that 120Hz kills the battery, a bigger battery or one similar to last year could have done the job.

In Apple’s defence, the 5G support inside these devices could have taken up some space thanks to a separate 5G modem required on the phones. So they might have been forced to reduce the capacity. End of the day, it was a choice for Apple to make either to include 5G support or 120Hz. And Apple decided to choose the 5G.

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iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11: What’s changed and who should upgrade?

The differences between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 11; and whether you should upgrade.

Yesterday, Apple released four iPhone 12 models: the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.The iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be available starting Nov. 13. And then the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro will be available starting Oct. 16. If you’re confusing about upgrading from iPhone 11 to the iPhone 12, this post is what you are looking for!

How’s the iPhone 12 compares with the iPhone 11? Let’s take a look!

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11: Different size screens

As announced, Apple lauched four iPhone 12 models: the iPhone 12 Mini (5.4-inch), the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro (6.1-inch), and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch). By comparison, there are only three iPhone 11 devices: the iPhone 11 (6.1-inch), the iPhone 11 Pro (5.8-inch) and the iPhone 11 Pro Max (6.5-inch).

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11: Same refresh rate

Both the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 refresh at 60 fps, or 60Hz. Most phones are the same. But some, like the Galaxy S20 and the OnePlus 8 Pro, refresh at 120Hz. Your phone will run faster and smoother when you’re scrolling through apps and websites if it has high the refresh rate.

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Better cameras

As always to the new iPhones, the iPhone 12 has upgraded camera features over the iPhone 11 — especially the iPhone 12 Pro models. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini quite close to the iPhone 11’s camera design, with regular, ultrawide and selfie cameras. But HDR mode has improved for challenging scenes with bright and dark elements on the iphone 12. And Night Mode photos that now work on the ultrawide and selfie cameras.
Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max get major photography improvements. They allow a larger image sensor and a fourth telephoto camera for more distant subjects, too. The iPhone 12 Pro has the same 2x zoom telephoto reach as earlier iPhones — a 52mm equivalent focal length — but the Pro Max’s extends to 2.5x zoom, or a 65mm equivalent lens.

Despite this, the iPhone 11 have the wonderful camera too. It provide a Night Mode and an ultrawide-angle camera, along with a great video camera.

The addition of 5G

Since virtually all new Android phones arriving in the US already have offered 5G cellular connectivity, the iphone 12 have to catch them too. This means the iphone 12 can tap into the high-speed wireless network on the go. It is a future-proof your device for the rise of 5G.

Many people seem to believe iPhone 11 offer 5G connectivity too but it actually does not.

iPhone 12 vs. iPhone 11: Price

The 2019 iPhone 11’s base model cost $699, which was $50 less than the 2018 iPhone XR.; while iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max will start at $999 and $1,099. Now the iPhone 11’s price has dropped to $599 with the addition of the iPhone 12.

The lowest price one – The iPhone 12 Mini costs $699; to the iPhone 12 is $799; while the iPhone 12 Pro is $999; and the iPhone 12 Pro Max is $1,099.

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News About iPhone12’s Price! Is iPhone 12 cheaper than iPhone 11?

On Oct. 13, Apple will officially unveile the iPhone 12. Here’s guide to watch Apple’s event live. We are expecting to see not only the newest iPhone lineup, but also the AirPods Studio and other Apple products. If rumors are true and we see a new 6.7-inch screen size, A14 Bionic processor and 5G, prices could skyrocket. Yet some sources say that prices could actually drop. Let’s take a look at the most credible rumors to find out more.

Multiple iPhone 12 models at different prices

The phone will come in multiple sizes. iPhone 12 Mini rumored to be the smallest at 5.4 inches; possibly two base models at 6.1 inches (iPhone 12 and 12 Pro); and the largest iPhone 12 Pro Max at 6.7 inches. That allows Apple to offer a range of prices, offering variations on the specs depending on your budget.

The iPhone Mini would be the cheapest model, with one analyst claiming that it could be available for as little as $649 with 64GB of storage, undercutting the current base 64GB iPhone 11 by $50. In the global spread of COVID-19, offering a cheaper entry model would be a smart move. Specially when people purse strings are tightening, and rivals like Google, OnePlus and Samsung are offering great phones at more affordable prices.

iPhone 12 price

You may pay the cost between $699 and $799 for a standard iPhone 12, in line with the current $699 price of the base iPhone 11. While the 12 Pro’s price would be likely somewhere around the $999 mark.

Rumored that the biggest of the bunch, the iPhone 12 Pro Max with its 6.7-inch display would likely cost in the same region of the current 64GB 11 Pro Max, $1,099, although an increase to $1,199 would not be out of the question. And a rumor that 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max will have a higher base storage of 128GB, which may affect pricing.

What’s makes it cheaper?

Although adding 5G connectivity (as is expected) will likely increase costs, Apple is broadly expected to keep the same pricing structure as it already has, with the iPhone 12 Mini offering a cheaper entry point to the series. Since the phones are rumored to sell without headphones or charging plugs in the box, potentially reducing the costs down. And many people already have drawers full of USB chargers and bundled headphones, it helping reduce plastic waste.

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Apple’s New Emoji Update: Wear A Mask And Be Happy

When it is the coronavirus pandemic, we all know that wearing a mask can unfortunately be controversial. The public health officials agree that masks are one of our most powerful weapons against the virus. And now, Apple has quietly tried to calm the situation with a curious solution with an Apple’s New Emoji.

As spotted by Emojipedia, Apple has updated its new face mask wearing emoji in its iOS 14.2 beta 2 version this week. Instead of sending a sick yellow face with sad eyes, the new face mask wearing emoji appears to be… smiling happily. And that it’s sporting a familiar smile.

Apple emoji

According to an Emojipedia analysis, it is actually another emojis we already have on our keyboard. Apple just puts a mask on the “Smiling Face” emoji.

Although it is a subtle change, the new mask wearing emoji sends a powerful message. Wearing a mask does mean that you’re sick. It also does not signify unhappiness with the current state of the world. It can mean something totally different. And maybe it can change the pandemic condition right now.

Wearing a mask can mean that you’re doing your part to protect your loved ones and your community during this global pandemic. It can also show that you’re still enjoying life’s small moments when you can. Because even though the world is being terrorized by a horrible virus, we must go on.

Maybe people are going to get all philosophical when they see the new mask wearing emoji. But it’s important to note that changes in perception often start with small steps.

Apple is not the only the one that has depicted the mask wearing emoji as sad or sick. It takes a similar approach to Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook. According to Emojipedia, in the past 12 years Apple’s original mask wearing emoji has remained the same for the past 12 years. Apple has only made minor changes to the emoji over the years to increase its resolution.

The new emoji is in iOS 14.2 beta 2. So it will not appear when sent to users that do not have the beta or users on other platforms. Don’t wait for Apple’s smile face mash emoji. Do the world a favor in the coronavirus pandemic and put your mask on. Wearing a mask truly does make a difference right now, and you should feel good about it.

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