Apple’s New Emoji Update: Wear A Mask And Be Happy

When it is the coronavirus pandemic, we all know that wearing a mask can unfortunately be controversial. The public health officials agree that masks are one of our most powerful weapons against the virus. And now, Apple has quietly tried to calm the situation with a curious solution with an Apple’s New Emoji.

As spotted by Emojipedia, Apple has updated its new face mask wearing emoji in its iOS 14.2 beta 2 version this week. Instead of sending a sick yellow face with sad eyes, the new face mask wearing emoji appears to be… smiling happily. And that it’s sporting a familiar smile.

Apple emoji

According to an Emojipedia analysis, it is actually another emojis we already have on our keyboard. Apple just puts a mask on the “Smiling Face” emoji.

Although it is a subtle change, the new mask wearing emoji sends a powerful message. Wearing a mask does mean that you’re sick. It also does not signify unhappiness with the current state of the world. It can mean something totally different. And maybe it can change the pandemic condition right now.

Wearing a mask can mean that you’re doing your part to protect your loved ones and your community during this global pandemic. It can also show that you’re still enjoying life’s small moments when you can. Because even though the world is being terrorized by a horrible virus, we must go on.

Maybe people are going to get all philosophical when they see the new mask wearing emoji. But it’s important to note that changes in perception often start with small steps.

Apple is not the only the one that has depicted the mask wearing emoji as sad or sick. It takes a similar approach to Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook. According to Emojipedia, in the past 12 years Apple’s original mask wearing emoji has remained the same for the past 12 years. Apple has only made minor changes to the emoji over the years to increase its resolution.

The new emoji is in iOS 14.2 beta 2. So it will not appear when sent to users that do not have the beta or users on other platforms. Don’t wait for Apple’s smile face mash emoji. Do the world a favor in the coronavirus pandemic and put your mask on. Wearing a mask truly does make a difference right now, and you should feel good about it.

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