Great Apps

Great Apps Only Available On Android

On google play every day there are millions of apps released. But where are the great apps for you? Let us introduce you to 5 apps below.

      1. Translate Words

      2. Hidey Hole Wallpaper

      3. Pipe Lines

      4. Contacts Manager

      5. Full Battery Manager 2020

1.Translate Words


Translate words app will also have an ability to translate text via voice. Pro Translator is best to translate texts and messages fast on your mobile phones or tablets. With this language translator app, you will not have any communication problems. 

In this Free translation 2020 app, you just have to simply type the word or sentence in it which you want to translate. After that select your own superior language in which you want to translate your text and press the “Translate” button. The free language translator app will translate it into your favorite language. 

We also enhance a great feature of speak to translate in which you can speak your messages or words and it will be written on the search bar. After that, all country pro translator app will do its work & translate it in that language you want. Free Translation app is available free and easily on play store.

2. Hidey Hole Wallpaper – Galaxy S10 Wallpaper

Great Apps


You want to change the wallpaper according to your own preferences. We have now designed just for you. Easily make your phone impressed with Hidey Hole wallpapers.

Wallpaper specially designed, giving you a unique quality picture, we are constantly updating the hottest trends today for you.

Download Hidey Hole Wallpaper for the Galaxy S10 series and experience yourself now! Enjoy

3. Pipe Lines – Pipe Puzzle


Pipe Lines is a fun game for you to entertain. This is a fun game to entertain you after your hard-working days. This is not a very difficult game, but it needs speed and fast interpretation.

Recognize paths and colors so you can connect them together. The line will break if you stack it on top of each other. Pair all items and tables. Your agility will be shown in this game.

So, give Pipe Lines – puzzle game a try, and experience now !!!

4. Contacts Manager – Merge Duplicate Contacts

Great Apps

With this application, your phone capacity will be significantly reduced, helping you find unnecessary applications and less contact. Your contacts will be organized and streamlined thanks to this application. Automatically detect duplicate contacts. Merge contacts with similar phone numbers. Merge contacts with similar names. Detect contacts without names, numbers. Best android contacts manager.

Cleanup & Merger contacts:

  • Find duplicate contacts.
  • Scan your contacts and find duplicate contacts.
  • Delete duplicate contacts or merge duplicate contacts by linking two or more duplicate contacts.
  • Remove the detected duplicate contacts on your phone and keep only one copy of each number.
  • Save merged contacts to the phonebook.
  • Detect & Remove unused contacts.

5. Full Battery Manager 2020: Cleaner & Battery Saver


Batteries have a limited lifespan. Every time you charge your device, it wears out the battery, lowering its total capacity. Scientific research shows that battery lifespan can be extended up to 200% when you charge your device to only 80%.

Now, you can boost mobile Battery Life, spend less time with your Android device attached to its battery charger and get more out of your mobile life – without constant concerns about the low battery level.

Super Battery Saver is the FREE Battery Saver tool that helps you boost mobile battery life for your Android phones and tablets. Check Battery Life 2020 automatically monitors every app.

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