The price of the Samsung Galaxy Note?

If only two words used to describe the Samsung Galaxy Note line, I can only liken it to a big and expensive dish. Regardless of which Note phones you own, they’re all very large compared to almost all contemporaries and come with high price tags to match. In this article looking at the history of Samsung Galaxy Note prices, we will focus only on the low-cost part.

Looking back, the phone is not even that big. It has a 5.3-inch screen housed in a shorter body than the Samsung Galaxy S20, though the Note is significantly wider and thicker. 

As the phones grew in size, so did the Samsung Galaxy Note price. Although they are not cheap, there is a very stable increase in price every few years. In this article, we will provide insight into what the Samsung Galaxy Note has done compared to its predecessors.

Some information about Samsung Galaxy Note pricing

When the first Samsung Galaxy Note phones debuted, when the first Samsung Galaxy Note phones debuted, the smartphone industry was a completely different direction. So comparing the suggested retail price of the manufacturer of the Galaxy Note MSRP to the MSRP of the Galaxy Note 10 is not an apples-to-apples comparison.

As an example of this, the first Samsung Galaxy Note phone is exclusive to AT&T and T-Mobile in the United States and you cannot purchase out of a contract.

galaxy note

To own a Samsung Galaxy Note phone, you’ll pay $ 299 as a down payment. And then pay the rest of the price for a period of two years. And other regions of the world do not have this limit.

Starting in 2011, the smartphone industry has changed a lot, so it makes it difficult to compare Samsung Galaxy Note with popular phone companies. 

Samsung has allowed US carriers to freely choose their prices on fifth-generation Galaxy Note phones. This leads to extremely different prices. 

Until Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was born, everything became consistent. And Samsung made it easy for people to purchase unlocked models directly from its online store. In addition to the difference in price, Samsung also launched many different models and designs for users to freely choose.

For all of that, the pricing below is based on availability in the United States and uses the lowest price available to general consumers at the phone launch.

That means, in the specific case of the Galaxy Note 4 mentioned earlier, we went with the price of Verizon $ 700, not the price of $ 825 AT&T.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Price: $299

The Samsung Galaxy Note was originally one of the first phones to earn Phablet’s nickname. It’s too big to be a phone but too small to be a tablet.

galaxy note

The Samsung Galaxy Note had a 5.3-inch screen with 1,280 x 800 resolution, which was quite high at the time. With a headphone jack, a microSD card slot, an existing S Pen, and specs that beat almost every other smartphone of its time, the Note was originally a dream of the user.

Unfortunately, the phone is not easy to get. You need to be an AT&T or T-Mobile customer and sign up for a two-year commitment. With a down payment of $ 299, the Note is $ 100 more expensive than the entry-level iPhone 4S, released the same year with the same down payment plan.

Despite this, the original Note sold very well. Samsung claims to have transferred 10 million units after just nine months.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Price: $299

In 2013, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 finally made it possible for people to buy a Galaxy Note phone entirely from some carriers.

Unlike Apple, however, Samsung does not require carriers to sell phones at any particular price. This results in a very confusing price structure that will not be adjusted in a few years.

galaxy note

As an example of how the Samsung Galaxy Note price becomes confusing, suppose you want to buy Note 3 from T-Mobile. You paid $ 200 upfront and then $ 21 per month for two years, resulting in a total price of $ 704. With AT&T, you can pay $ 300 with a two-year commitment, down $ 550 with a one-year commitment, or you can pay $ 725 in advance. Instead, walk to the Verizon store and the phone will cost you $ 700.

Unlocked prices from third-party retailers are also inconsistent, but most listings have the Galaxy Note 3 for at least $ 750 in the first months. It is chaos.

However, the Note 3’s upgraded specs and new design elements – including a faux leather back and a fake metal bezel – helped it sell well. In just two months, Samsung shipped 10 million units, a feat that the Note initially had to take nine months to do.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Price: $700

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 4 in 2014 and offered the standard price. However, the $ 700 set MSRP still doesn’t stop US carriers from charging different prices for phones.

galaxy note

As mentioned earlier, AT&T sold the unlocked phone for $ 825. If you don’t want to pay the $ 125 premium on the list price.

Instead, you can pay $ 300 as a down payment and then sign a new two-year agreement. T-Mobile has also increased the unlocking price of the Galaxy Note 4 to $ 750 while Sprint has bet and sold it for $ 720.

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