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10 Of The Most Relaxing Games For Android

A lot of people play the game for their excitement and passion. However, not everyone plays because of that, sometimes people just want to relax their mind after a day. And this will be the Relaxing Games that are a super chill list.

  1. Brain Test – Draw Physics Line

 In the first step, use your brain to dissect the situation.

 In the second step, use your one finger to doodle the line. This line is the road to bring food to the dinosaurs.

The last step, drive the truck, go to the Dino, keep the food in front of Dino’s place for three seconds. Congratulations!!! You have successfully brought the delicious food for baby Dino

2. Mr. Shoot – Escape From Matrix

You have to escape from all stages of the matrix by taking down the enemies hindering you. Just take your weapon, aim the enemies, and shoot to kill them.

You have to aim and shoot the enemies smartly because your bullets are limited. Try to kill them all in the least shoot as possible to have more chance of escaping from the matrix.

In this survival game, you also have to take down all the enemies and escape from the matrix in time, before the agent finds and kills you.

Notice the time! You must take down all the enemies in the Matrix before the time’s up.

3. Nonstop Hill Racing

 Are you looking for a unique funny racing game? Try to face the challenges of unique hill climbing environments with many different vehicles and true master racer in the Best Nonstop Hill Racing for Android

Join the climbing race with our humor friends and be a master racer in one of the most fun racing games in 2019.

Nonstop Hill Racing 2019 is the latest version of the physical hill-climbing race game for Android.

Nonstop Hill Racing will let you show all of your skills in control the vehicles to lead your racer to the destination in the physical hill climbing race. It’s simple to control the vehicles but too hard to keep it in balance and not to fall.

Challenge yourself in various levels with Nonstop Hill Racing game and be a hill-climbing master in Climbing Race.

4. Cat Jumping

Tap or hold to build the egg towers to get past obstacles.

Perfect landing to reach the Perfect mode. When you land perfectly 3 times, you will be activated special mode.

Try on many funny characters with different styles to find the character that best suits your style.

The obstacles will suddenly appear. Respond quickly to unexpected situations and overcome all obstacles to win.

Build the egg towers to get past obstacles and avoid stone along the way.

Keep your head clear and hands flexible to get a high score with Kitten Up: Nyan Cat Rush – Kitten Runner.

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