Google will turn off Play Music by the end of 2020

Google has repeatedly warned that it will turn off Play Music to support YouTube Music and now the end is near. The internet pioneer has revealed that YouTube Music will officially replace its Google Play partner by the end of 2020.


The shutdown will start in September when users in New Zealand and South Africa will lose the use of the Google Play Music app. All other countries will follow in October.

The music library will remain the same until December, so you still have a chance to transfer your collection to YouTube Music for many weeks after.

Some features will disappear before then, Google will take options and pre-order in the Play store by the end of August. You will have to use the transfer tool to send purchases to YouTube Music or rely on Google Takeout to export your data and download all your purchased and uploaded tracks.


Google will also remove options for uploading and downloading Play Music songs through Music Manager. Customers who do not transfer, they will be unsubscribed at the end of the billing cycle when Google Play Music is deactivated in their country.

The company is encouraging more upgrades to YouTube Music as a driving force to leap, including edited player page, Discover tab, creating smarter playlists, and integration in platforms. like Android TV and Google Assistant.

Advance notice and improved feature list will help make the conversion relatively light. However, this may not do much to please those who think the YouTube Music transition is a mistake.

Critics say the alternative service is too focused on YouTube, with shortcomings in suggestions, offline mode, and autoplay, among other areas. If you decide to stay with a Google music service, you may have to accept some tough edges in the future.

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