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The Best of Android – Which phone has the best audio

In your opinion, which android phone has the best audio? This will be the best article for you. We collect information about the cheapest phones on the market. Those are the devices that usually sound great.

What makes a phone good at audio?

Best of Android

Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) over 0.1% (zero phones posted more than 0.01% THD).

Dynamic range under 96.3dB.

Frequency response that deviates past +/- 0.5dB.

These are the criteria to choose one good phone at audio.

These criteria, there are many phones can meet. Next, we will look at the features that make your life easier when listening to music or superior technical ability.

What features make a phone better at audio than others?

The best sounding smartphone will meet the following factors:

Front-facing speakers, as opposed to downward-firing speakers.

Bluetooth codecs should be exhaustive (at least aptX HD or LDAC).

A chip that allows for dual-device transmission.

A physical headphone jack.

A system-level equalizer.

High-bitrate support.

Dolby Atmos or other 3D-audio processing.

An enhanced microphone array.

Based on these criteria, we will select a prominent phone number. And finally we found a name that is LG V60.

The LG V60 is the best phone for audio in 2020.

As can be seen, LG’s commitment to sound will always exist. That is also why most Android fans think that LG phones are the best smartphones for sound.

Other phones that are the best audio

For a cheaper phone, the Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro has a lot of good going for it: namely, the fact that it has a headphone jack, a Qualcomm chip that supports the best tech available to support true wireless earphones, and a 24-bit/196kHz DAC unit that’s capable of decoding FLAC files. While it doesn’t have front-facing speakers, headphone aficionados will appreciate the Poco F2 Pro for its affordability, aptX HD/LDAC support, and surprisingly decent audio quality coming from the headphone jack.

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