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10 Best Social Media Apps – Interesting Option

Social Media Apps is the place to connect people. More than one billion people use social networking, simply because it can connect across the globe. But with the development and variety, choosing the right social networks for you will be easier for you with us.

1. Facebook

Price: Free

Facebook is the largest social media network today. This is a multimedia platform, a social network containing images, text, videos, and chat. It also controls two of the three most popular social networks, Facebook and Instagram. Facebook is much improved today, giving users a more enjoyable experience. Although there are many doubts to reveal user information, Facebook is still the leading social network with the current number of users.

Social Media Apps

2. LinkedIn

Price: Free

This is a professional social network. It can help you find jobs, connect with industry experts, keep track of different companies, and chat with people about different things. And up here you can also write your own blog if you want.

In addition, the company also has LinkedIn Learning and Lynda applications, a job search application, and a presentation application.

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3. Pinterest

Price : Free

This is a unique social media networking website. You can share your own images with any of your topics, cooking, fashion, furniture. This is not a great place to talk to others. but it’s also a great place to come up with ideas and discover things you like with your favorite topics.

Social Media Apps

4. Reddit

Price: Free / $3.99 per month / $29.99 per year

Reddit is a great forum with different topics. That makes for a great communication space. Here, you can do anything else you can think of. However, here you can discover terrible things and also here you can find good friends, Reddit is also an interesting option.

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5. TikTok

Price: Free

TikTok can be seen as the fastest growing social network in the present time. This is a social network that you just need to download the application, without any login, you can use it. The application will rely on your favorite views to give you appropriate options. This is a social network with short videos, anyone can create and use, the way to create an account is very simple, nothing complicated.

You will create your own videos with a few simple steps. However, this application is having a lot of doubts about users. Even this application is currently banned in India and maybe banned in the US.


6. Twitter

Price: Free

Twitter is the leading site for the hottest news in the world. Whatever happens, you can know it on this social networking site, which is very easy to use with short posts (240 characters) and can suggest to you the content that you like.

7. YouTube

Price: Free / $12.99 per month

This is a video streaming application, but it is often categorized as a social network. It has all the characteristics of a social network. Any user can view videos, post videos, comment on content, and track content. This is a long video social network platform (distinguished from TikTok and Instagram). You can use the free version of YouTube but insert interstitial ads in the videos. This is not just a social network to share, but you can also make money for YouTubers.

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8. Instagram 

Price: Free

This is a social network of young people. With Instagram, you can share photos, videos with editing effects available. Instagram belongs to the same company like Facebook. And here you can connect with your Facebook friends. Express yourself, connect with friends.

Post your moments in 24h. Giving you interesting things while experiencing this application.

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9. Snapchat

Price: Free

This is the most unique option on your list. This app shares stories, profiles, even some location sharing features. This application is more like a social media application than a messaging application. Social Media Apps is especially popular with young people who like to send photos. This is one of the best apps on the internet when it comes to augmented reality technology with its filters.

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10. Twitch

Price: Free

Twitch is a player’s most popular online video player, streaming their games and talking to viewers in real-time. Other people join and chat when they watch someone play a game. In addition, Twitch is an application for you to choose your own music.

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Above are the Social Media Apps that we have aggregated and given you interesting choices.


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